Rugs in Dubai have always been a unique and modern accessory that is widely sought after and installed in any home. Dubai is now the largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates and this giant city has a great deal to do with its rich rugs as well as its business sector. Therefore, the demand for quality rugs in Dubai has grown significantly. The good thing about having them in this city is that they can be easily made at home using the right designs and styles.

Rugs in Dubai are usually made using the Rugs Handicrafts of the country

This is because they consider it as their national asset – something that is treasured and respected. A fine example of a rug from the Handicrafts of Dubai is the Rugs al Hajar Rugs. They are very intricately designed with flowers and leaves intertwined to create a colorful pattern that is suitable for any home or office.

Carpets Dubai can be purchased through a number of outlets including furniture shops and carpet stores. However, installation is usually left up to professionals who know how to work with the local soil and weather conditions. This is because there are specialized tools and machinery that are needed for such a delicate operation.

Rugs in Dubai can be custom-made to fit the exact measurements of the room

Where it is to be located. When considering installation, the interior designer will study the interior and landscape design of the site beforehand. This will ensure that the proposed rug is appropriate for the intended use. If the use is commercial, the designer may have to show additional permits for any alterations. This is to protect the client from unforeseen problems that may arise once the rug is installed.

Once all the necessary measurements have been taken and a plan of how the rug is to be installed has been formulated, the installation can begin. The work usually takes about two days, although this can vary depending on the severity of the job. The rugs are usually installed in the evening and lit up to enhance the effect. Special lamps known as rugs torches are used during the installation process to illuminate the area where the rug is located. Once fully installed – usually in the afternoon – the rugs are tested to see if they are holding up to the weather.

Rugs Installing is Different From Home renovation Rugs

Many home renovation carpets are used in residential buildings as floor coverings and/or decorative elements. Rugs are typically used for covering and as decorative elements and are not designed to withstand heavy weather or use. Commercial rugs, on the other hand, are designed to withstand the wear and tear of heavy-duty use. Commercial rugs are manufactured using materials that cannot easily be replaced, and they are most often used for interiors – where they may be subject to intense moisture and heat.

Dubai rugs Can Be Maintained Properly Rugs, unlike carpets

Carpets & Rugs Can maintain properly without the use of chemicals. Rugs require very little maintenance, other than occasionally spraying a light coat of fabric cleaner. They do not necessarily need to vacuum every week, as some types of rug retain soil like sand or grit, and these should be sweep or vacuum to remove soil.

Professional cleaning and treatment of Rugs are generally not necessary, as it is unlikely that professional cleaning services would be willing to come into your business or give you a discount for doing so. If you want to clean your rugs yourself, follow the proper instructions for cleaning a rug. Rugs can also be shampoo with commercial shampoos; read the instructions for the specific type of rug.


Rugs always consider part of interior design. The popularity of Rugs in Feng Shui and other cultures has led to their use as a decorative element. Today’s rug market is flood with many types of rugs. From Oriental, Persian, and contemporary styles, that have made a name for themselves in the marketplace. Rugs can use as walls to divide rooms, or in-floor coverings to separate entrances. They have even been using to increase the warmth of the home. As a buffer between indoor air and outdoor temperatures.


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