SAN Storage Highlighted Features

SAN Storage Highlighted Features

Storage Area Networks (SANs) are networking technologies used to connect servers and storage devices. SANs allow multiple servers to access and share the same storage resources, such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and other media. They offer a number of advantages over local or direct-attached storage solutions, including enhanced data availability, scalability, security, and performance.

SAN Storage Offers Wide Range of Features

SAN storage is a highly customizable solution for mission-critical applications, offering a range of features to manage storage capacity, optimize system resources, and ensure data integrity. This includes such capabilities as:

• Online Volume Expansion – SANs can easily increase the size of their virtual volumes without requiring downtime or manual intervention.

• Flexible Storage Provisioning – SANs enable administrators to provision storage on-demand, with the ability to create volumes with different capacities and performance levels.

• Auto-tiering – Sophisticated auto-tiering algorithms can intelligently store data across different media types for optimized performance and cost efficiency.

• Thin Provisioning – This feature allows for setting up of virtualized storage pools that maximize utilization by only allocating space when needed.

• Advanced Replication & Snapshotting – Data replication allows for automated backups, while snapshotting enables point-in-time copies of critical data.

These features make SAN technology an ideal solution for enterprises looking to increase storage capacity without sacrificing performance or security.

Additionally, SANs are extremely reliable and resilient, providing redundancy and high availability that is critical for mission-critical applications. This includes features such as redundant power supplies, hot swap components, remote replication, and common RAID levels to ensure data protection in case of disk failure.


Overall, Storage Area Networks offer a comprehensive set of features that enable businesses to optimize their storage resources while maintaining the highest levels of performance and reliability. From scalability to security, SAN solutions provide an ideal solution for organizations looking to get the most out of their storage infrastructure.


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