SHAREit Vs Bluetooth: Which One Works Better?

Ever since Bluetooth technology came into existence, the obsession with file-sharing has taken over the world. Bluetooth has marked its stamp on the new era of wireless connectivity and achieved incredible success with its capacity to share various types of multimedia files. Bluetooth’s features are still carried over in every mobile phone regardless of any other competition in the field of file-sharing. Every mobile manufacturer out there still adds Bluetooth function, and that is the definition of brand value.



There seems to be a software app in the market that has taken over the file sharing industry. Since its inception, the days of the long-trusted Bluetooth were over, and the app SHAREit has made its foothold. 


SHAREit is a product of the Singapore-based organization SHAREit Group with offices spread across the globe. It is a globally used digital content platform that allows users to consume and share content. However, it became the most popular file-sharing app in the whole world that lets you share files and lets you watch videos and play games. 


SHAREit can transfer all kinds of audio and video files, photos, and even documents that can easily be shared with the click of a button. It also has a video player within its interface, where app users can see the video files that have been shared without installing any external video player. 


SHAREit claims that it is the fastest way to share pictures, videos, contacts, PDFs, and even other application files (.apk files) to other smartphones, laptops, PC’s or tablets. In addition, the most incredible feature that ultimately sets it apart from iCloud and other sharing methods is that it does not require an internet connection to work. Also, this app is free to use so that you can download free SHAREit app. 


Best Features of SHAREit:


Let us look at the most popular features of the SHAREit app:


  • SHAREit allows app transfer for androids and multi-format sharing across devices.
  • It is much faster than Bluetooth – about 200 times faster.
  • It can easily connect with other devices using the SHAREit app, with no need for codes or pairing.
  • The app itself creates its hotspot to host file-sharing; there is no need for any active connection.
  • The app itself is sharable. You can download and install SHAREit from Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free and share it with other users.


SHAREit uses Wi-Fi direct technology to share and transfer files. Bluetooth has pioneered this wireless file-sharing experience, but it is not comparable to the speed at which SHAREit works and the innovative features it offers. The application is super easy to install on any device. All you need to do is go to Google Play Store, download the free SHAREit application and install it on your preferred device. 


Using SHAREit for Apple Devices and PC:

If you want to download SHAREit on Apple devices, you can go to the Apple App Store on your device and search for SHAREit. You don’t need too much storage space either. You can also install SHAREit on your PC by searching for SHAREit PC download. Alternatively, you can go directly to SHAREit’s official website and download the latest version of the app on your computer. 


Download the set-up file, open it, follow the instructions given and install it on your PC. To install SHAREit on MAC, start your Apple device and go to the web browser. Follow the same steps mentioned above.


Both Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth have features that promise to make things easier for you to share and transfer files between two devices through a wireless connection. Bluetooth also has a new version called Bluetooth 4.0 with enhanced features to get back into the competition. This shows that the fight will continue between file-sharing technologies and applications. Thanks to this competition, end-users will always get better connectivity features and facilities to ensure maximized usage.



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