Should Military Training Be Made Compulsory?

Here I am, amidst a winter evening enjoying myself cozily among the blankets with a cup of coffee in my hand. Looking outside the bay window I saw this tree outside which apart from being cold stood still. A sudden gust of wind made it dance for a while, giving me sort of chills. I swear I just felt how cold it was outside.

I caught hold of my phone and started scrolling through the Instagram feed when I came across this post that stated how in spite of such harsh weather conditions there are men saving the borders of the country. Not just ours, but all around the world.  How hard it must be for them, but then had it not been for them I would have failed to enjoy the coffee I just finished. These men are made so strong that they can face any situation from the grounds to hell.

I’ve been brought up in a family surrounded by officers from different fields. Also, my father has a lot of friends who have served in the military services. The discipline, the lifestyle, and most importantly the approach to see life is what I learn the most from them. For any Law Related can visit the site “Law Planet” that provide all case study, mock test paper on law.

At some points, I feel that military training should be made compulsory in our country as it brings discipline and determination to a human. It keeps our body healthy and at the same time keeps our brain alert too. Along with this, it enlightens our minds so that we can have a bigger perspective on everything, hence, increasing the scope of approach one can have.

Apart from these and the foremost is that this training makes a man more human and just. The more trained the person is the less likely he is to tend to any sort of evils. In India, a lot of campaigns are held to give students scout training. Such training is educational and fun at the same time. Also, there are a lot of schools that offer military training but all these are voluntary and subject to certain pros and cons. The question is should these military training sessions be made compulsory for civilians too? I guess, yes. A lot of countries around the world have made this training compulsory for each man in their country. These countries include North Korea, Israel, Norway, etc.

Let’s see some of the pros of the military training

Pros of Compulsory Military Training:

  • Compulsory military training helps to form a reserve force which can be of help during times of war & natural calamities.
  • It also transforms people for good. Military training makes people humble, disciplined, and matured.
  • It instills a sense of patriotism.
  • Compulsory military training can also make people stronger physically & emotionally.
  • It promotes equality because people of all classes will be trained in the same manner. This in turn makes people feel united despite having class differences.
  • The threat of terrorist attacks is much higher now than before. So compulsory military training helps in such cases. People can protect themselves and are able to protect those who are in need as well.
  • If anyone wants to declare war against India, they will think twice considering the large pool of reserved forces.

When anything comes with such benefits it asks for devoted hard work and certain sacrifices. Hence with pros comes the cons of the training, which are as follows:

Cons of Compulsory Military Training:

  • India is a democratic country, and hence forcing people to undergo military training is against the democratic spirit of our nation.
  • Not everyone is interested to be in reserve forces. Some people have family responsibilities and do not afford to lose time to training. Forcing uninterested people is against morality. And some people are sole breadwinners for their families. Forcing them to take part in the war is unethical considering the situation of the family in case of death.
  • Some people do not have enough strength to participate in such intense training. They may seem normal from the outside but may have mental illnesses. Military training can be emotionally and physically daunting for them. In such cases, compulsory training will be a threat to their life.
  • Most of the reserve force will not be utilized, which means huge amounts of expenditure on training will go in vain.
  • Those who are forced to be in reserved force may not work well in times of need, because it’s not voluntary.
  • In some countries, military training is compulsory for all, and in some other countries, it is compulsory for only men. Considering the situation in India, if compulsory training is imposed, it will be done so only for men. This is very discriminatory for men.
  • Hurting or injuring other people is against the moral values and religious beliefs of some people. Involving them in such programs causes emotional trauma for them.
  • Even if everyone is trained, they may not be able to take part in military operations like professionals. They may forget the skills with time because of a lack of practice. This results in a low-quality reserve force.

Although there is a need for compulsion, there are people who oppose this idea as they feel that the compulsion made will hinder their freedom and shall fil the concept of “voluntary loyalty”. But they should never forget the fact that such training is more beneficial to society. It makes the people disciplined, is beyond doubt. It also inculcates the noble qualities of service, self-defense, sacrifice, devotion, and dedication. Military training serves as insurance against foreign attacks. Military training keeps people physically fit and intellectually sharp. It also increases our power to work. To know about “Carlill Vs. Carbolic Smoke Ball” can visit.

Even the Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Pramod Sawant said “At times, one feels that military training should be compulsory.”

“If it is made compulsory, I am not saying it should be made compulsory, but if it happens, then such patriotism (like that in the armed forces) will be inculcated in all Indians. There is a need for this today,” he added.

There is no doubt that the mass military training would take time to complete and it would cost a fortune but the nation would get a great benefit from these new disciplined people. It would make people realize that the interest of the nation is first and their personal gains are secondary. This would also increase the output in our fields and factories. There would be no corruption and favoritism in our country. Efficiency and hard work would be the guiding tenets of our nation.

Therefore, if we really want to make India a great country that is free from all the evils of corruption, nepotism, and selfish interests, it is high time that we impart military training to our youth and make them the true soldiers and saviors of the motherland. This would also serve as the second line of defense during wars or any unrest or crisis.


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