Lahore’s DHA Lahore is regarded as a standard for Pakistan’s lavish and elegant lifestyle for residential properties. DHA Lahore, built under the watchful eye of active-duty military personnel, quickly gained a reputation for providing residents with first-rate living facilities and circumstances.

About DHA Lahore:

Military troops and their families are the company’s primary target market. The phases of DHA housing projects are often well thought out and successfully executed. Their streets are well-paved, and there are designated zones for residences, businesses, and a wide range of recreational options nearby.

In order to sustain the norms of the communities, severe rules and restrictions are enforced on the communities. The DHA employs its landscaping teams to keep the parks in the neighborhood in good condition. For your convenience, we’ll simply go over the top three DHA housing developments to assist you narrow down your options for a DHA property investment.

Do you know the location of park view city?

DHA is one of Lahore’s oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods for families. The suburbs of Lahore can be found to the south of the city. There isn’t much this town doesn’t have to provide its people, including two shopping malls, eateries, hospitals, gyms, and parks. Residential plots and residences are the bulk of the project’s property offerings.

Types of Properties Available in DHA Lahore:

Building, plazas, offices, and retail shops are among the commercial assets for sale in this location while discussing commercial zones. To build offices, shops, and plazas, investors and entrepreneurs can also purchase commercial plots in DHA in various sizes, including 2, 4, 8, and 32 Marla. Many multinational corporations, software businesses, and corporate juggernauts are looking for office space in the area because of its business-friendly atmosphere.

DHA Lahore had no electricity backup plan when it was opened. The community’s management chose to set up its network stations as the population grew as a result. Six grid stations are now under construction, four are awaiting clearance, and one 132KV network unit is already operational as part of the overall plan to build 21 grid stations. Phases 6 and 7 of the DHA are well-served by the grid station’s steady flow of electricity. Furthermore, this well-designed housing society provides optimum convenience by providing quick access to numerous brands, supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, cafés, and many shops selling household items, stationery, books, apparel, etc.

Prices of Properties in DHA Lahore:

From PKR 85 lakh and PKR 22 crore, you can buy property in the DHA Lahore neighborhood. As for the cost of a home might range anywhere from one million rupees to more than three million rupees. PKR 28 lakh to PKR 22 crore can be invested in a housing plot, on the other hand.

Sizes of Residential Properties in Different Phases of DHA Lahore:

DHA For property buyers alike, the city of Lahore is becoming a fantasy come true. DHA has initiated new phases after successfully completing the first five phases in the original area. Phases one and two of the development process are currently underway simultaneously. Let’s have a look at the sizes of residential properties in different phases of DHA Lahore:


DHA Lahore’s phases I through 5 are all connected and situated next to one another. Residents occupy most DHA Phases 1, 2, and 3. In DHA Phase 4 and Phase 5, you can still find a variety of residential plots for sale. There are a lot of 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal residential properties available in such phases.


Lahore Ring Road is just a few blocks away. A road called Barki Road runs along the other side of the Phase. DHA Phase 6 may be reached in a few minutes by car from the airport. Construction has begun on a number of residential properties in the area. Land for sale in this location comes in three different sizes: 10 Marlas, 1 Kanals, and 2 Kanals.


The development process has progressed to varying degrees in each of these stages. More than half of the areas in Phase 7 have finished basic development, while infrastructure construction has begun in Phases 8 and 9. The remaining DHA Phases will have residential and commercial land for sale at considerably lower costs when the remaining DHA Phases become unaffordable for the typical customer.

There are hundred govt jobs in construction and development. 




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