Some common Korean beauty misconceptions

Before you start investing in Korean skincare you first need to bust all the myths to make sure you don’t have any misunderstandings. Anything that becomes famous brings a lot of misconceptions with it as well and so did Korean skincare. There are numerous benefits of Korean beauty and it has proven to be Beneficial for the skin which is why it’s not going away anytime soon. Brands such as Laneige have come up with products that help you achieve all your skin goals without any reactions through K-beauty. However, before you invest in It, it is essential to bust some myths.

Some common myths regarding K-beauty are:

Korean beauty products are only for Asian skin

A completely false statement. Although there are different types of skin the skin is skin. Just look for products according to your skin type and you’re set to go. Asians or Koreans deal with skincare issues that every human skin deals with such as oily skin, dehydrated skin, acne, or wrinkles. This means that the skincare products are designed to help with these universal skin concerns.

Making use of anti-aging products at an early age makes you age faster

A completely false statement. Just use products that aren’t too harsh and suit your skin type. Other than that, there should be no issue. Using products with harsh ingredients does damage your skin but this isn’t only limited to anti-aging products. Start a skincare routine as early as possible to prevent aging and especially to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

SPF is only needed only on sunny days.

This is a completely false statement. An SPF is essential no matter if the sun is out or not. Even if it’s cloudy sun rays can still pass through the clouds. The most destructive thing one can do to their skin is to expose it to the sun. Try making a habit of applying SPF before you’re heading out to delay the aging process.

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Facial oils are only meant for oily skin

This is one of the myths associated with skincare. However, it is not the case. Facial oils can be used by oily skin people as well. Some specific oils are good for the skin. Oils are needed to break down the oil.

You can use a moisturizer as an eye cream

Although applying a moisturizer eye area is far better than applying nothing to it. However, to keep your eye area firm and hydrated properly an eye cream is essential. The eyes age quickest so taking good care of them is extremely important.

Skin is an organ and Korean skincare is a form of protecting your organ. It acts as self-care and keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy. Korean skincare is all about taking care of your skin rather than looking pretty. Sensoo Skincare has a range of such products that make your skin radiant. First, determine your skin type and then choose products accordingly. Start your skincare routine as soon as possible just like Korean women do.

The bottom line

The number of steps in a Korean skin care routine may seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be.

Taking care of your skin is a form of self-care and, thus, self-love. Once you get the hang of it, these steps won’t take much time at all.

The main thing to figure out about a Korean skin care routine is your targeted skin care needs. Then, you can gently address them with the correct products.

Additionally, the proper application is just as important – both in the way and order they’re applied. Liquids or lighter products (like cleansers and toners) go on first, and then steps continue getting heavier and thicker (like moisturizers and SPF).


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