Some Common Problems With HP Laptops & Some Solutions

Laptops are essential devices that we use because of the flexibility and convenience they offer. And when our beloved HP laptops face any unanticipated issues, our lives are almost thrown in disarray.

While most problems may seem minor — random system crash, low battery life, or a slow-loading hard drive — there can be several hardware and software-related reasons behind them.

So, how do we deal with these problems?

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the frequently occurring issues with HP laptops and their remedies.

Overheating and Cooling Issues

HP laptops are highly compact devices in which all the components are integrated and placed quite close to each other. A high-powered HP i5 Laptop can generate high temperatures in both the CPU and the motherboard.

Laptops usually have a dedicated cooling fan, which is likely to gather a lot of dust after 6-8 months of regular use. This dust slows down the fan speed and makes the air-flow passage narrow. This can cause your laptop to heat up and slow down.

Another issue that can cause heat build-up is a dried out heatsink gel on the processor. The gel usually remains in prime condition for around 4-5 months. But after this, you need to apply a fresh coat on the processor.

Solution: To tackle all these issues in their entirety, regularly clean the dust from your HP i5 laptop cooling fan. Replace the heatsink gel every 4-5 months. These are simple processes, and you can do them by yourself.

You can also contact an aftermarket laptop service station if you are not confident enough. Alternatively, you can use an external cooling fan to dissipate internal heat from your laptop effectively.

Slow Boot Up

Slow booting of your HP i5 laptop is often caused by overheating, but if that’s not the case with your laptop, you should try checking for issues in the main storage drive. HDDs are notorious for slow boot up after a couple of years of use.

The reasons might be bad sectors, too much fragmentation in the drive, and file system errors. All these issues are pretty common and easy to handle.

Solution: You can check for bad sectors and fragmentation in the drive properties menu and resolve them conveniently. For dealing with file system errors, you can run the ‘check disk’ command from the same menu.

Your OS is quite capable of finding and fixing file system errors on its own. However, if any of these do not work and your HDD still runs slow, it’s time for professional assistance as there might be an issue with motor functionality and/or slow disk reading.

Display Not Working/Faulty Display

Having trouble with your HP i5 laptop display can be pretty frustrating, and you can experience many display issues. These can include a display not working, red or green dots on the screen, or just a physically damaged panel.

A turned off or static laptop display may seem like a huge issue, but in most cases, it’s not. The wire-belts that connect the display to the motherboard are pretty delicate, and sometimes they get damaged or gather carbon on their connection points.

Solution: You can take your laptop to a service shop for a quick fix. As for red or green dots on the screen — these are just stuck pixels that you can gently massage away using your fingers. Sadly, you cannot do anything about a physically damaged display as it can only be corrected with a replacement.

Liquid Spill

This is horrific for most users as no one wants to spill their drink on their laptop screen or keyboard. A liquid spill can be fatal for your HP laptops if the liquid reaches any of the electrical circuits or motherboards.

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Although most laptops nowadays are water repellant, the liquid may still drip down to a key component.

Solution: Your first course of action should be to shut down the laptop and remove the battery immediately. Afterwards, you can take it to an authorized service centre and get it checked out.


HP laptops are known to provide a slew of solutions for all your work and entertainment needs. Thus, having issues with your laptop can be a seriously worrying situation.

Before dealing with any issue that your HP i5 laptop faces, you must identify and understand the possible reasons behind the malfunction.

Here, we look at some of the common overheating and display-related problems your HP laptop may run into and how best to resolve them. You can get the Best HP Laptops at No Cost EMI at the Bajaj Mall.

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