Some Things to Know About Gifting to Someone

Gifting always keeps you remember about both sender and receiver it does not mean how much cost a gift you are giving. Almost everyone human beings have their own circle and everybody wants to get a gift or a surprise gift from their loved ones because gift creates a memory and when he or she sees your gifts while you are not present in front of Him or her it always helps to get remember to you.

Gifts can be a little paper with your lovely words or loving words either it could be a large gift both make happiest to your loved one in the same manner so never think about the feelings of your friend’s family & lover how he or she will think when I will give a little surprise gift to him or her. Every single gift from large to small matters more in his or her life. Gift maintains the distance and gapping of your loved ones and forces them to think about you. So celebrate every moment of your life with your nearest and dearest one to keep them remember about you and gift them something because every moment of your life is important to add some smiles to the faces of your loving people.

So now you can think about the gifting why this is a part of our life and there are no words to explain the word feeling but yes there is a way to express your feeling “Gift”. Basically, you can send two types of gifts first one is a gift and another one is surprise gifts but both are different and both have their own value but both keep your relation nourishing.

Greeting cards are originated in China

According to the historian, the traditions of sending a greeting card can be traced back to China, where people generally used it to exchange the message of goodwill to celebrate the new year. The root of sending a greeting card could be found in ancient Egypt where people use it to convey their greeting on papyrus scrolls.

Gifts and presents, both are different.

Yes! That’s true, gifts and presents, both have different meanings, but people often consider them as synonyms of each other. According to a recent study, when you gift something to your dear one on any occasion or ceremony then it’s present. Therefore, one can say it is a birthday present or a wedding present. However, Gifts are something that is given with heart despite any special occasion or function.

People spent

A survey organized by NRF in 2020, shows that people spent an average of $300 on gifts card in the year 2020. And this is likely to increase around 5.6% in the upcoming year. On Christmas, Big Friday, and many more events they bought different gifts item, and Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console is the most popular toy gift in the U.S this year.

Women prefer gifting more than men.

Gifting is a generous way of showing affection to someone or to surprise any special one. Surprisingly, women know the joviality behind gifting much better than men. That’s the main reason that a greater number of women of different age buys gifts then man.

Bollywood has many songs dedicated to gifting

The kind act of gifting has been praised by poets in Indian and across the globe. That’s the main reason why many lyrics writers preferred dedicating a song to gifting or a gift. Tohfa- Tohfa the famous Bollywood song and other melodies songs such as ‘Gift of love’, ‘The Sweetest surprise Gift for husband and wife is one of a kind. All these gifts songs or specially dedicated songs are generous acts of giving gifts.

So please keep adding some smiles on the faces and try to make everybody smiley peoples round around you and keep celebrating each and every moment of your life with your loved ones because life is too short so lives your life with happiness and also make happy to others.


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