Spotify Premium is updated with New Design and Features

Spotify Premium is updated with New Design and Features

Spotify has released a major update for premium service subscribers, this update includes radio enhancements and a new search and navigation design, the company said. Streaming has simplified navigation and redesigned the search page with more emphasis on introducing new songs to users, by placing recommended genres at the top of the page.

Spotify’s biggest change comes in each artist’s radio, which will give users a personalized station, which is an unlimited playlist that adapts and can be saved and downloaded offline.

This update reduces the total number of Spotify tabs (displayed at the bottom of the app) from five to three. The “Search” tab, which primarily featured pre-defined playlists and displayed music by genre, was embedded in the search page, while “Radio” is now an option that you can play after searching for an artist.

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Here’s what’s new:

Simplified navigation:

Navigation has been improved to help people quickly find what they are looking for. Subscribers can get great recommendations on Start, discover something new when searching, and access their favorite songs, artists, playlists, and podcasts in their library.

Custom search:

The search page will be completely redesigned, now you can find your artists, albums, podcasts, and faster, whether you know clearly what you are looking for or want to explore something new. At the top of the screen, you can find your main genres, from indie, country, reggae, rap, rock, jazz, etc … and easily discover the music that best defines you according to your mood.

Endless Radio:

If you’re looking for a great playlist based on one of your favorite songs or musicians, you can simply search for it and start listening to one of the new playlists. This offers an endless stream of listening tailored to individual tastes. In addition, this will be updated regularly to always have fresh content, and what’s more, you can even download the content to listen to it offline.

This update was applied today Globally for both iOS and Android Premium subscribers, so when you search for a song, Spotify will create a playlist based on the song, rather than performing each version of the song in order as I did it before.

How does Spotify work?

Spotify is a very intuitive platform where users can customize the music or content they want to listen to.

Thanks to the algorithm of this application Spotify Premium Free APK, the tool itself presents suggestions based on the user’s tastes, which means that each person has a different application dashboard.

Let’s see the main features that make this application such a useful tool to enjoy music.

1. Find music of all kinds

You can search by artist, song, genre, or album. You can also search for playlists that other artists or users of the platform have created. The search possibilities are limitless.

2. Create your custom playlists

You can group the songs you like the most for different occasions or times of the day. Making playlists is very simple, both from the computer and from the mobile app.

You just have to click on the menu of the song you like, press add to playlist and put it in any of your lists, or click on the option to create a new list.

3. Listen to music online or offline

You can listen to your playlists whenever you want when you are connected to the Internet. Downloading your playlists is a feature available for the Premium version, which can save a long plane trip or a field trip.

The songs are stored within the app and you can access them at any time, activating the listen to offline tab.

4. Weekly discovery

Every Monday, the Spotify algorithm creates a list with personalized recommendations based on the music you’ve listened to in the last few days, related songs, and users with a profile similar to yours.

Thanks to this functionality you can discover the music of genres that interest you every week. In addition, it also notifies you of the releases of your favorite groups.

5. Artist’s radio, album, or playlist

It is the “manual mode” of weekly discovery. You can enter the radio of a song, album, playlist, or artist that you like and you will see a playlist with related songs. It is the perfect tool if you are always looking for new music to listen to.

6. Share the music you like

You can share it like any other content on a social network, through Email, WhatsApp, or other messaging applications.

There are more and more possibilities to integrate Spotify into other applications. For example, if you use Notion, you can integrate a playlist within a page of this productivity tool.

7. Know what your friends are listening to

This platform allows you to see what your friends are listening to, and investigate their musical tastes.

Similarly, your contacts can see everything you hear. And if you don’t want anyone to know about your activity on Spotify, you can hide it by selecting the private session mode.

8. Song lyrics and videos

More and more artists include interactive covers with video or lyrics in their Spotify songs. You can learn the lyrics and watch the video without leaving the app while listening to the song.


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