Suit Colours That Help You Make An Impactful First Impression

Suit Colours That Help You Make An Impactful First Impression

If you are into custom suits, you must be familiar with the fact that there is a different suit for every occasion. If you want your appearance to stand out in a business meeting, there is a specific suit for that. Whereas, to ensure that people notice you at a party, the choice of the custom suit will be different.

The color of your tailor madesuit is one of the key factors that decide whether your looks are up to the mark according to the respective occasion. If your suit color is on point, you can give people the vibe that you desire, and create an impactful first impression. And as you may already know: The first impression is the last impression. So, the color of your suit effectively conveys the desired message to the people you meet.

You Need A Different Suit For Every Occasion

Unlike other clothing items, you can’t wear the same custom suit on every occasion. For example, it is easy to pair dark indigo-coloured jeans with almost any shirt or t-shirt of any color. But, it is not the same with bespoke suits.

The color of your suit subconsciously conveys a message to the respective person. For instance, certain suit colors are associated with establishing leadership amongst a group of people. Similarly, wearing the right colored suit will be the best for ensuring appealing looks and an impactful impression on different occasions.

All in all, your wardrobe should have bespoke suits in various colors so that you can avoid running out of choices for different occasions. 

A Bespoke Suit Looks Best in Traditional Colours

You don’t need to think out of the box to select the right colored bespoke suit. Instead, traditional colors like black, blue, grey, etc, are good for tailor-made suits and other clothing items. Funky and unique color patterns look weird in bespoke suits. For this reason, you will not find anyone wearing an orange-colored bespoke suit at a job interview or similar corporate event.

To help you figure out what color to choose for your next event, we have explained the qualities of the top suit colors. After going through them in detail, you will be able to pick the right one. So, let’s check out each one:

Top Bespoke Suit Colours and Values Associated With Them


The black color represents aggression and power. It is a really popular color in the fashion industry. You can consider a black custom-made suit if you want to establish yourself as a powerful personality. So, if you are going to take a meeting or host an event, such as a seminar, conference, etc; black is the perfect color.

However, black can be a little overpowering in some situations. So, you need to make sure you don’t wear a black suit in friendly or casual interactions. It is best suited for corporate events or similar interactions where you want your power dynamics to be up in the hierarchy. 

Additionally, avoid black suits, if you have a fair skin tone. Because the contrast between your fair looks and the dark appearance of the suit is noticed and looks weird. In simple words, a black bespoke suit will look best on you, if your complexion is slightly on the darker side.


The blue color represents collaboration and teamwork. Particularly navy blue bespoke suits are a go-to choice for occasions, where you need to interact and work with similar professionals like you. For this reason, most people wear navy custom-made suits in job interviews.

The personality traits like seriousness, knowledge, attention to detail, etc are subconsciously conveyed to the respective employer when you wear this shade. Besides, it’s not too loud like the black color, as mentioned above. So, wearing a navy blue tailor-made suit during an interview or sales pitch is almost a no-brainer.


Gray color makes you stand out from others and give a vibe that you are independent and self-sufficient. However, it isolates you from people, but subtly and positively. Gray symbolizes that you have the skills to make logical and practical decisions without needing the help of someone else.

However, the vibe that a gray bespoke suit can give, depends on how well you carry it. If you are confident and possess high self-esteem, you will be able to portray yourself better with the help of a gray suit. As a general rule, you can combine a blue tie with a gray suit to enhance its appeal.

Moreover, darker shades of gray are suitable for men, while light gray bespoke suits are meant for women. For example, men can wear charcoal gray custom-made suits to look more mature and experienced.


Brown gives people a vibe that you are safe and dependable. So, you can wear a brown suit in the interactions where you want to convey a sense of reliability and safety to the respective person. For instance, a date with your partner or any similar casual situation.

Some people think that brown is good for formal events, but the converse is true. This color is slightly on the darker side, like black. Hence, it will suit you more if you have dark hair and complexion. However, some of its shades like tan also look good on the comparatively less contrasty complexion.

A tan bespoke suit is an easy way to look smart and elegant without the risk of a dark colors overpowering your body’s appearance. In simple words, brown can help you win the trust of people and portray yourself as a responsible person.


Just like fitting and fabric, the color of a bespoke suit is also a crucial factor that decides how you look on a specific occasion. So, choosing the right colored bespoke suit is essential to perform well in job interviews, becoming the center of attraction at parties, and more.

After going through the above information, you should have gained knowledge about different bespoke suit colors, and the values associated with them. So, next time when you need to decide on a color for your custom-made suit, don’t forget to consider this information to make a good decision.


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