The best country music ever – four evergreen country songs

With the harmony of band, harmonica, electric guitar, violin and acoustic country guitar, he has gained worldwide support. Although music began in the 1920s, it became very popular in the 1940s. Of the many styles and sub-genres of contemporary country music, there are still many classic country songs that are still fans ’favorites. Here are four of the best permanent country pieces ever.George Jones – “I don’t like it now.”

Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman wrote the song for American country singer George Jones. The song was released in April 1980 and added to Jones’ album “I Am What I Am.” The story has been Jones ’single for six years. The song is about a man who has always loved a woman. The day the man stopped loving him, he died. Surprisingly, the wife of his life appeared at his funeral.

Although originally written by Willie Nelson,

the Patsy Cline version had a better reputation and became a second hit in 1962. In 1961, Willie Nelson wrote several hits during that time, but he was unable to record his music. , country singer Billy Walker offered the discarded song. The story went to Patsy Clinic, who successfully placed the song on the U.S. chart for 21 weeks.Hank Williams, “You’re Deceitful Heart.

Screenplay and recordings: Hank Williams Sr. the song was released in 1952, but was released by his first wife, Audrey Williams, but was not released until 1953, when he died. The song was recorded by many famous musicians from various bands such as Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Van Morrison, Fats Domino and LeAnn Rimes.

“El Paso” first appeared on Robbins’ album “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs” in September 1959. Single did not make the country chart; the pagalworld song also likes pop music. In the early 1960s, both sides of the genre put singing first.

Dolly Parton wrote this theory for a close friend, Porter Wagner, who co-starred in a television show where she was known for her duets. This is the second in a series of five country hits that Parton eventually reached as a solo artist. Parton recorded another version, and it immediately became the first book to top the country charts.Stand next to your wife Tammy Lynette

The song was written with producer and songwriter Billy Sherrill. This song is about women being faithful and supporting their husbands, even in the worst of times. The song topped the UK charts in 1975.

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