The superpowers of the traveler


If you are one of those who cannot stand queuing or climb the walls just by thinking about your mobile data and YouTube … relax, traveling will help you develop your patience: it will be your best ally when you face the 2.

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First of all, on a great trip, you may be tempted to organize every detail of transport, book accommodation and plan meals, but in this way you will only find what you expect. “When I began to improvise the trip enveloped me and the nomadic life caught me : at first I did not trust one hundred percent that I would be able to make decisions by boat soon , but as the days, weeks and months passed, the magic appeared to stay ”, describes Jorge Sierra from A Coruña , a globetrotter who crossed the globe for four years in an original, repaired and prepared Citroën 2CV, his Naranjito.

scrubs that await you en route . “I have discovered that when traveling, all problems are solved by sitting down to wait,” explains Fabián C. Barrio , a traveler who has crossed more than eighty countries on two wheels . What if a policeman asks us for a bribe? “I always act the same: I sit and wait; Sooner or later he will let you go , either because you have exhausted his patience, or because his shift is over and he wants to go to eat ”, adds Barrio, author of books such as Asphalt Dwellero The best routes around the world on a motorcycle .

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When Jorge Sierra released his compass, the places chosen to sleep far exceeded the initial ones , the improvised meals suddenly got out of the touristy and the people he crossed paths with in the small nameless towns (“those that don’t go out in the maps, “he says), suddenly became” my best friends, my brothers, my guardian angels … “, explains the Galician. His superpower had a secondary effect :” I realized that life as I knew it, it had been designed for me by a society that barely knew me: suddenly I was aware that thanks to improvisation, once and for all, I was able to grasp life with both hands and, for the first time, to be the master of my destiny as much as possible ”, he says.



There it is, crouched, buried by the comfortable routine: your instinct. Use it! “When I lived and worked in A Coruña, before leaving, I had never asked myself whether the men and women of today have, need or use our instincts, ” says Sierra. “But when I started my trip around the world, everything changed, suddenly it was a fundamental part of me: trusting my instincts made me not trust those people whose gaze made me suspicious ; that I got into some roads and not others, or that, for example, I decided to cross one border and not another for no apparent reason“, remember. A skill that made him stronger and more alert to the “local hustlers who are always ready to fleece the unsuspecting tourist” and complete his four-year adventure on the road.

  1. JOY

Get rid of the gray and that stale pose of a “serious person and good professional.” Repeat, as Neruda wrote in his Ode to Joy, “with you for the world!” He comes home with a suitcase full of laughter, hilarious anecdotes and zero complexes. Joy is the superpower that the traveler Toti Roger absorbed after years traveling the world: “ I discovered how the smile is common in children : from tribes in Laos, to rural corners of China or children in the Sahrawi refugee camps … they all show an impressive joy ”, he recalls. And he puts it into practice: this child education technician has founded Nomadic Smiles , a project with which he travels the world “spreading joy, both in places of social exclusion and in those that are not ”. Mario Benedetti already wrote it: defend joy as a trench, a principle, a flag, a destiny, a certainty and a right.


“Start by carrying the minimum in a backpack; and at the end of the trip you will realize that there are many things that you have not used ”, explains the founder of Sonrisas Nomada , Toti Roger. After more than ten years traveling and living in different continents, he always follows the maxim of less is more : “the less you carry, you will have less things to pay attention to: you will have less worries if you do not carry valuables and so you can be aware of yourself “. Technology included: “the best thing is to travel without a computer, without a telephone and go back to the origins, to the nomads and recover that essence “.


Embrace the mantra of “everything will be fine” , with the conviction that whatever happens, it will. This is what travelers Andoni Rodelgo and Alice Goffart have verified after more than nine years traveling the world by bicycle , even with their young children Maia and Unai . “We have been trapped in a port at more than 4000 meters with a lot of snow, we have suffered sandstorms in the middle of the desert, blizzards with hail that even hurt when they hit us … in the end, there was always someone who helped us; in these extreme situations one comes out stronger and with a lot of confidence ”, explains Andoni. A confidence that begins, according to Andoni, with a first step “you have to have courage to say one dayI leave everything behind and go on a trip with no destination or return date and, after closing the front door, immerse myself in a wonderful world full of surprises, hospitality and humanity ”.


Exploring the planet makes us more aware of the time and energy that we have; It forces us to choose, prioritize and achieve our goals. ” Traveling has led us to fight to pursue our dreams and not resign ourselves to living lives that we do not want, ” says Pablo Strubell , author together with Itziar Marcotegui , of the project A great journey . Now they create their own manuals for globetrotters and organize the Conference of the great trips to be masters of their time and choose their own path: “the self-knowledge that travel gives is the best tool to promote nonconformity”.


Leaving the tourist circuit leaves us out in the open: it confronts us with constant changes and contrasts, makes us more reflective, makes us equal to the other and makes us more humble. “We were going to sleep on the street and good old Ismael without knowing any English took us to his house , in a small town on the island of Borneo; everything that happened afterwards there was a tremendous humility cure : we have always wondered if the same could happen in our city or if we had ever considered picking up someone so that they would not sleep on the street ”, remember the travelers Rubén Señor and Lucía Sánchez from Something to Remember .

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