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Those who want to write a thesis writing prefer us in Izmir after Istanbul and Ankara. Many undergraduate, write my essay master and graduate students receive academic support from us when they come to the thesis writing period. I would like to indicate below on which subjects you can get support from our site.

There is an obstacle in front of students who complete their courses at the end of their academic education, such as writing a thesis. Many university students knock on the doors of academic centers, saying that they want to write a thesis because they do not have writing skills or do not have enough time.

 Many university students say that there are sites that write theses in İzmir, if so, which ones are the best and which one can I get reliable support from. There are undergraduate, master, graduate, and MBA students who want to receive paid academic counseling support for different reasons. In addition, many institutions provide financial services. I want to share with you which one you can get support from.

Paid dissertation sites

When you research search engines, you will come across many places that offer paid thesis printing support. How can you identify the reliable one among them? I want to give you some clues.

First of all, you need to check if there is any negative information about the site. There are complaints sites, you can find them there. If there are negative comments by a few people, My Premium Essay I recommend you stay away.

In addition, reach the contact information and pay attention to the approach. Does he/she know the subject, is he/she interested in you, is he/she helpful? This are important information.

The last piece of advice I can offer you for sites that write Paid Thesis would be to ask for references. If you have done any work before, it would be good for you to learn what level of undergraduate, master, or master’s degree.

The question of how to prepare a graduation thesis is one of the most sought-after undergraduate students coming to the last year. In addition to the excitement of graduating, writing a graduation thesis can turn into a complete grind for some students. I will give you tips on this.


What is a graduation thesis?

It is an academic scientific article that undergraduate students must submit this graduate from their department. The number of pages can vary between 50 and 80 pages. In some cases, students are asked to supplement the literature with analysis. The most known analysis program is spss software. The results of the survey are entered into the program and subjected to various analyzes and the data is added to the thesis.

It is similar to the final project. However, the project takes up slightly fewer pages. There is no analysis, only a literature review and the student examines the subject under headings. Writes the result and submits it. There are commonalities in both. They must be academic writing, enter the plagiarism program and arrange according to the template.

How to prepare a graduation thesis

First of all, the article should have academic characteristics. For this, it is inevitable to master the academic article writing criteria. Courses are given from the first grades so that especially undergraduate students do not have difficulty in writing their graduation thesis. Here, I would like to tell you how to write a graduation thesis, albeit roughly.

How to draft a graduation thesis

We’ll start with drafting. You can access this draft on the website of your university or faculty. In the draft, you need to determine the topic of the thesis. This is called a thesis proposal. As the name suggests, it is not precise. There is a situation that you need to show to your advisor and get your approval. In addition, you should do a literature review on the subject in the draft. You need to specify who has worked on this subject before and which aspects have been addressed. Finally, you should include the resources you plan to use in the final thesis draft. Let’s continue to answer the question of what is a graduation thesis.

Once you have your draft approved by the thesis advisor, the writing process has begun. You should quickly prepare the table of contents and submit it to your advisor for approval. In the next step, you need to fill in under the headings.

It is useful to know the spelling subtleties in the Word program. This is because it has to be presented as a word. If you start writing according to the rules, you can easily progress to the end. It’s just that you won’t be able to edit according to the thesis writing guide at the end. This will also save you time.

The same criteria apply in preparing a term project. Scanning the literature, citing sources, and avoiding plagiarism apply to both. We also help undergraduate students who want to have a term project.

Graduation thesis examples

Before starting the writing phase, all students should have an idea by examining the examples. For this, you can take a look at the graduation thesis examples page on our website. You can learn how to write a table of contents, how to do it by looking at examples of resumes, how to edit according to word spelling rules, write my essay for me all by looking at examples.

I hope you have found the answer to the question of what is a graduation thesis. Some students consider writing thesis to companies instead of writing them themselves. We provide writing support to students who apply for this path for different reasons.

I want to print a thesis

We provide preparation support at affordable fees to students who do not prepare themselves but want to receive academic support. For this, you need to send us some information. What is the subject of the thesis, how many pages will be written, and what is the delivery time?  If you share this information with us, we will make pricing in a short time. We give a guarantee on the writing of the graduation thesis that we have written. We have both literature and analysis services.

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