Things Energy Crystal Necklaces Can Do For Our Lives

There are things in life that happen to us for no reason at all, no matter how others always stick to the popular bumper sticker quotation that says “Everything happens for a reason”. These things would always tend to grapple with our inner peace, destroying our mind positivity and evidently, makes us question our very existence in this world. It’s not fair that we face these battles alone even when we do things right down to the last pages of the morality book but see, that’s what real life is all about. You’re given a lot of lemons and you have to figure out what to do with it by yourself, you can either make lemonade or ask for salt so you can make a tequila.

It’s why energy crystal jewelry pieces exist, such as energy crystal necklaces. They help us in ways that even people who are deemed academically experts in psychology don’t. Energy crystals give meaning to things that are hard to decipher, awaken our greater self while keeping us grounded and in touch with our morals even when we are already blessed with utmost awareness. Below are more reasons why we should equip ourselves with a piece of multi-purpose energy crystal jewelry.

You Are Able To Do Things Without Planning on Doing Them
The green porphyry is a type of crystal that was used to decorate buildings and statues of kings and emperors in the imperial Roman world. It was used only to decorate the castles and homes of the nobility because of its rare beauty. When psychics realized that it serves more purpose than what people used to think, they began making energy crystal necklaces out of green porphyry.

See, this beautiful crystal, also laced with gold elements, is believed to ignite our ability to do things without even having the intention of doing them in the first place. You wear a necklace decorated with this crystal when you started running a few lapses for the sole purpose of destressing yourself, you also start eating healthy and in less than a month you begin to see changes in your appearance. You don’t look flattering in your usual clothes anymore, it’s because you started losing the excess weight you never planned on losing in the first place. That’s just one of the many things this crystal brings you. It’s even more powerful when paired with other crystals that unblock all negativities in your life.

You Are Able To Block Disturbing Thoughts From Your Mind
Let’s face it, people have inner demons in them that they want to release and they just don’t have other means of releasing them but towards others. This will result in the recipient wishing ill thoughts towards that person. It may not happen in reality, but drawing on that negativity could cause you a lot more than the other meaner person. The rutilated quartz is very popular in the psychic world when it comes to blocking disturbing thoughts. Entertaining these thoughts without the rutilated quartz in your person can result in a lot of unfortunate things for you. In the end, we only need to live happily and positively, and if we cannot do that on our own, then, we need the help of an energy crystal jewelry to do just that.

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