Tips for choosing the best upholstery for your furniture

Tips for choosing the best upholstery for your furniture

Buying a sofa can be a real task. And while renovating your home and you plan on changing the sofa fabric online, it can be as chaotic as buying the whole sofa. The sofa is the center of attraction in your home. As the sofa is placed in the living room which can be your most used room after all. Every guest, your leisure time, and your kids’ relaxing place. 

Here we have made a list of some important and expert tips so you can easily decide which fabric is best for you. The sofa is the most important aspect of your living room. You don’t want to regret your decision right after buying it, so before buying go through this article to know which sofa fabric is best for you.

The most important aspects the sofa should have is durability, and stain resistance but these should not make us compromise on the style and texture of the sofa. 

The first thing that should come to your mind is what use the sofa will be. Sitting, jumping, shoes on, eating, or even sleeping, as everything matters while choosing the sofa fabric. We don’t want our family to understand the fabric, we want fabrics that can withstand our family’s habits. 


To start the sofa hunt, the first and foremost thing you should do is to set the budget. In this way, you can easily eliminate a few fabrics. 

There are abundant fabrics available, you can set your budget and choose if you want cheaper ones or luxurious ones. If you set your budget low, velvet sofa fabric as your choices will be limited. If you have a bigger budget you can get the best price and the best sofa together. There are hundreds of fabrics and colors available in the sofa fabric which can overwhelm you with options 


The place where you keep your sofa and how much it will be used can help you determine your sofa fabric. Will it be in the room where the crowd comes and sits, the room your kids might spill food or a quiet reading room?

For rooms which are used less, fabrics which are luxurious, or blended wool. A piece of cotton fabric is suitable for those who have children and pets at their place, as it can be easily washed. 

Fabrics which are durable such as microfibre blends or corduroys are perfect for the living rooms instead of velvet or chenille as they need more care. 

If the sofa you are planning is going to be used only by you or seldomly used, go for luxurious fabrics. Fabrics which have higher thread counts such as cotton, leather, or velvet can be perfect but they do need professional cleaning. 

The durability of the sofa is determined by the thread counts of the sofa fabric, the higher the count the longer it will last. If you are choosing natural fabrics in darker tones, make sure they are not in direct sunlight as they’ll fade. If the place you want to keep the sofa will get plenty of sunlight make sure you get lighter tones or those fabrics that won’t fade. 


The Martindale method is a unit that is used to measure the resistance of the textiles. The process includes natural wear and tear of the fabric texting with a force specifically on them. 

Intervals of 5000 cycles, these fabrics are put through a testing machine and even pulled, and later rub two discs of wire mesh or wool against the surface. The result is determined by the number of times the disc oscillates before the breakdown of the fabric. 

The higher the count of Martinadale the tougher the fabric is. 


Everyone’s first preference is natural fabric and textures which are fluffy, but not everyone can have them. If you are someone who is allergic, these fabrics can make you suffer. Natural fabrics are the perfect place for dust, first and hairs of pets to reside. 

If you have sensitive skin or an allergy to dust and particles. Synthetic, smooth, or blended fabrics are the best ones. One of the popular options you can go for is faux suede. 


Either you can make your sofa the highlight of your room or your interior. That is you can decide if you want your sofa to stand out or blend in. a sofa fabric color can help you create a dramatic difference in the room. And everyone wants their living room or say their home looks bright and amazing, so the best way to do that is to get a bolder color sofa. If you choose a brighter tone, it will be hard in the future as you’ll have to redesign the whole color scheme. 

If you fell in love with a pale-colored sofa, make sure you get removable and washable covers on them or the fabric is stain resistant. 

The best choice of color is gray or taupe color. Both colors are dark enough to hide stains and even are easily adjusted in any color theme of the house. You can choose a subtle color sofa and add brighter accessorize or you can get a brighter sofa and subtle cushions and accessorize. 


If you have many people who are going to use your sofa, go for a subtly patterned sofa, which will help you conceal spills and stains. 

If you don’t want solid colors, you can easily go for the striped sofa which is a refreshing change and they even go well with other fabrics. 

You can give an eye-catching look to your living room sofa by deciding on the stripe’s width. You can choose a mix of narrow and wide designs and stick to a color p[alette can give you an intentional relaxed look. 


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