Six Tips and Tricks to Capture a Conceptual Photography

Six Tips and Tricks to Capture a Conceptual Photography

From capturing photos of family or friends to professional models, photography has evolved a lot and even as a profession. Nowadays people ponder differently, eat differently and even have a different lifestyle which makes them see the world in a different way than others. In the end, it is all about how one sees the world from a diverse perspective, which same goes with photography. Varied in ideation among people can create fascinating images.

An image that has an intriguing or hidden message has a high chance of catching the attention of the audience, this is where conceptual photography comes into the picture. Conceptual photography is a kind of photography that illustrates an idea or a hidden meaning. This photography is all about coming up with a creative idea or concept which can be anything such as happiness, sadness, motivation etc. Conceptual photography is different from portraiture, abstract or landscape.

It may seem like conceptual photography is difficult but to be honest it’s not. Here are a few points on capturing conceptual photography:- 

  • Coming up with an Idea

Conceptual photography emerges from the ideation, so at first, you need to brainstorm about what you want to convey through your photographs. Taking a portrait is most common in conceptual photography, with photographers creating a creative twist in the photo but for that, you need to plan the entire session as you cannot take anyone randomly and click the picture. It takes days of planning and preparation to capture a conceptual photo.

You can even take inspiration from around your life or from issues and events. Looking at other photographers’ work can also give an idea for your conceptual image.

  • Use of Objects and Props

To click amazing conceptual photography one must lookout for a subject, as you never know something can catch your eye for clicking a perfect picture. It can be anything an empty bench or just a statue in a garden can become a muse behind your conceptual photo. It is better to take plenty of pictures that can strike inspiration or for you to use later. While clicking pictures using props can enhance the message which photographer needs to convey. For example: Using a piece of glass to create a surreal reflection that showcases the self-esteem or appearance of oneself.

  • Implementing Composition in Photos

In conceptual photography, usually, photographers use two types of composition. Some prefer busy photos while others prefer photos like minimalistic. In busy photos, they tend to fill up with a lot of objects, symbols and people by presenting all types of concepts in one photograph. In minimalistic photos, the compositions are kept very simple such as clean imagery or blank background.

  • Metaphors and Symbolism

In conceptual photography, metaphors and symbolism is used in large concepts. Using symbols and metaphors it’s good to consider if it is given in well-known literature, visual arts or film. In an abstract concept, there is a need to determine visual things that can be represented in symbols or metaphors.

For example, there can any particular type of animal such as a rabbit can symbolize a small and cute type of personality. In the metaphor cases, many objects can stand for the human quality.

  • Must know Technicalities 

It may seem like conceptual photography is all about creativity but taking good quality shots is still important. The photographs need to be fresh and well-executed for that photographer needs to have a good grasp on the exposure of the ISO and other controls. Knowledge about F-stop and manual focus can come in handy while shooting for small objects. Lightning is vital than ever especially when it comes to indoor shoots it is necessary to know how to control highlights and shadows.

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  • Post-Production 

After finalizing the photo which you will use, then edit the photo on the software of your choice to get the exact conceptual image that you were planning from the beginning. By changing the colour balance, saturation, clarity, and contrast of the photo, you can create a whole new image that you have conceptualized in your mind. With editing software, you can add a lot of different creative things to the photos. Your ideation and editing of a photograph need to go hand-in-hand. You can create your style with editing software.

Wrap Up 

The conceptual photography generally leaves the viewer puzzled due to its hidden meaning lays in the picture. The images are usually philosophical and multi-layered which represent both visual art and storytelling. A beautiful picture always draws the attention of the viewer as no one wants to see an ugly picture, but beauty alone cannot replace a better composition, but if your concept calls for beauty in ugly then it can work. It is significant to create a concept or idea in concept photography, but it is vital to remember the aesthetics and composition rules.


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