Tips to Renovate Your Calgary Home on a Budget

You have cherished your home for five years, but now it is time to renovate it. Even if you love your home just the way it is, it needs a remodel to meet the family’s growing needs. Instead of considering it as another DIY project, hire custom builders in Calgary to get your desired features.

And experienced professionals can fit the renovations within your budget, too. The trick is to be open and transparent with your builder, starting from day one.

So, before you hit the vision board, here are some steps to follow to make this process as easy and smooth as possible:

Divide the Areas and Budget Accordingly
This stage is the most important one in the planning phase. Devise a separate plan for each area of the home that needs touch-ups. Simply focusing on the bigger picture and ignoring the smaller parts can lead to confusion and unexpected costs later.

Builders likely have an in-house architect who can work with you during this design phase. With thorough assessments, they can determine the approximate costs of the project.

Research the Materials
Now that you have brainstormed your requirements and arrived at the budget, you can think of the materials. Are you reworking the floor and tiles or need a bathroom fixture? Things like these have to be premium quality materials and durable so that they last long.

Other items like kitchen cabinets and light fixtures, which can be easily installed, removed, or replaced, can be of a lower cost. Ultimately, it depends on your priorities. Custom builders in Calgary can also suggest the best approach since they have worked on several homes before.

Expand the Rooms with Light and Windows
If you have small rooms, you don’t have to stick to the same floor plan. Open up a wall and install skylights or a large window to let fresh air and sunlight into the room. On theopposite wall, you can add a mirror, so the area looks more spacious.

The kitchen, bathroom, pantry, and utensil storage areas must be minimal and decluttered. You can find many ways to maximize storage, such as:

• Magnetic hooks
• Basket shelves
• Corner storage
• Pot racks
• Cutlery trays
• Floating shelves
• Under-the-counter cabinets

Reframe the Front Door
The front entrance makes a bigger statement than anything else in the house. So, reframe the door, add attractive paint colours, and replace flimsy, wobbly knobs or parts, if any.

Create the right first impression with powerful hardware like a handle and lock. Place attractive planters with low-maintenance climbers to frame your door on either side. Check the doors for signs of weather damage and stripping. Add the proper insulation to save on utility bills.

Paint Affects the Overall Look
No matter what paints you choose for the exteriors, keep it muted for the interior walls to get a seemingly bigger home. Colours like beige, white, grey, etc., are neutral and expand the space vertically and horizontally.

Choose a contrasting colour for the ceiling trim so that there is an optimum lighting effect. If you are too pressed for money, white and black is an inexpensive and evergreen combination, and your home looks sophisticated.

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