Top 10 tips before you begin your IB Diploma

Top 10 tips before you begin your IB Diploma

These are the top 10 suggestions that you can implement in the last few weeks of summer to prepare you for your IB Diploma!

  1. Make sure you’re content with your subject selections:- You probably made your topic decisions a few months ago. Now is the perfect time to look at them and ensure you’re satisfied with the choice you made. Are you enjoying these subjects? Are they appropriate for your needs? (SL or HL) for you? Are they in line with your plans in the future when you are done with school? If you’re having second thoughts or are seriously considering switching your subject talk to your teachers and parents and the IB Coordinator. They’ll be able to help you sort out your thoughts with you and assist you in making a decision that’s right for you.
  2. Revisit your understanding:- Schools often offer classes during the summer to allow you to stay on top of your studies. IB tutor in India will help you feel confident and comfortable when you return to school for the new year. Doing a bit of study each week during the holiday period lets you identify your strengths in every subject however, you also need to identify areas in which you require a little additional help. Being aware of your weaknesses earlier on will allow you to receive the help you require from your teachers earlier to not feel left out of step when classes start. OSC provides student webinars throughout the year that provide strategies to prepare for exams or other important dates on the IB schedule, so stay tuned!
  3. Learn about the syllabus:- If you’re about to embark on something you’ve not learned before, it’s important to get acquainted with the course syllabus. You can locate the syllabus on the IB website however, it’s an excellent idea to study at your own pace too. For instance, if you are studying Economics Why not go through some of the articles published by The Economist? If you’re studying Global Politics make sure you are current with the current news through a look at newsrooms, such as CNN or the BBC. BBC and CNN. If you need assistance in completing IB Mathematics or Physics, we have a YouTube channel that has hundreds of videos going throughout the syllabus along with you. See the sections below for each of the subjects:
  4. You can refresh your English in case you don’t speak it as your first language:- If you’re not able to speak English at your home, the holiday season is the ideal time to improve your English abilities. The IB Diploma requires a lot of writing, so being confident about your English skills is essential. There are many methods to build your English such as playing with your buddies! On the telephone or face-to-face, you can talk to and text your buddies in English. You can watch films in English with no subtitles. If you’re getting a little rusty take a look at a film that you are familiar with and then as you become more comfortable take a look at films you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing before. Similar advice applies to reading a book. Read your favorite book in English then, once you’re more confident, you can read a book that you’ve never before. Our final tip is to maintain a daily diary. This can help you improve your writing skills, especially when writing your Extended Essay. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to keep a record of your memories from your summer!
  5. Stay on top of Language B:- Like the last tip, it’s very easy to forget a language if you’re not able to continue the practice. If there are people studying the same language, ensure that you’re having conversations in your preferred language and assist in correcting and encouraging one another. Read books and watch films in the language you are learning during the holiday season. You might even pick up a few new words to incorporate into your work!
  6. Learn about your teacher and the DP Coordinators:- Your teachers are here to assist you, and you should benefit from their assistance! Their suggestions to you prior to the summer break and throughout the following year or two will be extremely beneficial to you. They desire to see you succeed and be the best you can be. If you require extra help or guidance or are anxious about a certain issue or subject, talk with them to offer the support you require.
  7. Explore your extracurricular activities:- The CAS program is an integral component in your IB experience and offers you an opportunity to unwind from your studies! Selecting an extracurricular pursuit that you like, which can make you feel relaxed and relaxed is essential for your health. Perhaps you’d like to explore something different? This is the right time to consider your interests and pick an extracurricular pursuit that you are sure you will enjoy.
  8. Get organized:- Every student has experienced an awkward situation where they are prepping for their first school day, and they’re unable to find their school notes! Take this opportunity to hunt for those important notebooks and files, and organize them into the order that suits you. We recommend that you keep them organized (on the PC or in a binder) according to the subject, topic, and chronologically to facilitate. You’ll be happy that you’ve got everything organized and everything is put in place to begin an amazing year.
  9. Get help:- The beginning of in a new year of school or going to a new school can be stressful for many students. If you’re feeling this way and want to know how you’re prepared for your first day at school, discuss with your teachers and ask their advice regarding how you can enhance your academic performance or to make the most of the beginning weeks. An exchange with your teacher (or your family members) to ease your anxiety could make all the difference.
  10. Keep calm, calm, and most importantly, enjoy yourself:- Our most important tip…enjoy yourself! Our IB EE tutor in India will add an enriching experience that will help you develop your skills and knowledge that will help you be a more well-rounded person. Take advantage of the experience and put in the effort and you’ll be rewarded. Have fun!


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