Top 10 Torrents Sites to Download Ebooks

To have a healthy brain, to reduce stress, to be more empathetic, to gain knowledge, people choose to read books. Earlier times, these books had to be bought from a shop in exchange for cash. Later, the evolution of the internet made users just order books from home. They will deliver the product at the right time. Again, there was a tremendous change in the internet world; readers need not want a hard copy instead a soft copy of it will be available on certain websites. There are Ebooks torrent sites that you can use to read free and also pay for ebooks.

List of Top 10 Best Ebook Torrent Sites:

Furthermore, the change led to the introduction of the eBook Torrents site where readers can find books in which you will have to pay a high amount. Hence, these kinds of torrent sites attract readers and gain traffic to their websites. Now let’s see the top torrent sites where you can download the Ebooks.

1. Pirate Bay: 

One of the most popular, oldest, and reliable torrent sites for ebooks is the Pirate Bay. Through this, you can enjoy free ebooks, movies, web series, and more content. You are free to download the content you see on this site through the magnet links.

2. 1337X:

This is the second-largest torrent site that can be seen in the torrent word which is actually next to the pirate bay. The site has different categories; in each category, there are different numbers of contents that can be seen. Also, there is a separate section for books available so you can access them with ease.

On this amazing site, you can also access audiobooks. Users easily get attract to the site because of the attractive user interface.

3. Wikibooks:

This Torrent Site For ebooks was created based on the content creation both in digital textbooks and annotated texts which can be edited by anyone. You are also free to select the language that you prefer to read the contents of.

4. Books-share:

If you want content like you are in a library, then this is the site that suits you the most. It is well-organize and kept in categories separately like technology, engineering, humor, literary collections, psychology, and more books that are of different categorizations.

The description has details like the number of pages and also the language in which the content available is share.

5. BookYards:

Introducing another well-developed and popular torrent site called backyards. It covers categories like parenting, art, spirituality, biography, and more content that readers can enjoy. The site is full of content that has more than 8000+ audiobooks and also ebooks.

6. TorrentDownloads:

Another issue that you may face while downloading a torrent ebook is that only a limited number of pages will get download. However, such an issue you will not face while using this site. Readers can also enjoy a decent amount of content that they can read and have fun with. On this site, there are about 24k audiobooks and also 148k ebooks.

7. ZLibrary:

Torrent Books which will be known by all the book lovers, even if you are a book lover, there is no chance that you would have not come across this site. Like most of the sites, this also has a separate category just for the books section. You can find articles also on this site and the user interface on this site is pretty amazing. PDF files can be download using this site.

8. LimeTorrents:

One of the best websites with a wonderful user interface and it has super amazing categories just on the homepage of this torrent ebook. The different categories that you can see on this site are TV shows, downloads, games, music, apps, etc. Another amazing thing that everyone loves about this site is that it has more than 30,000 ebooks on this site alone.

9. FreeBookSpot:

It is created just in the focus of the ebooks, you will be finding different categories like comics, ebooks, newspapers, and magazines. But you will see more ads on this site.

10. Torlock:

It is still one of the best torrent sites that’s why we have placed it in the top 10 list. Any content that you read through this is verified well before it is being posted.

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