Top 4 Rifles for Sale That Just As Useful Today as They Were When They Were Released

If you’re looking for a new (or used) rifle for sale, don’t just get the first thing you pick up off the rack that appeals to you. For some of us, buying a new (or again, used) rifle is like buying a car.

It is a personal process, a highly involved process. Even if it is less expensive than the purchase of a car, a rifle is more than a piece of equipment. It becomes an extension of the shooter and a highly personal bond develops between a shooter or hunter and the prizes of his gun safe.

If you’re looking for a rifle for sale that carries a lot of historical weight and is still useful today, try for one of these.

Springfield M1903
The Springfield M1903 is possibly the definitive rifle on this list. First developed very early in the last century and adopted in 1903 (hence the name) the Springfield M1903 was standard issue to soldiers of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War 1.

Chambered in the powerful, infamous .30-06, the M1903 was carried by U.S. Forces in some capacity or other for over 70 years. While it was largely eclipsed later in its service history by semi-automatic rifles like the M1 Garand, it remained in use as a reliable, bolt action rifle, and occasionally as a sniper rifle, until 1975.

M1 Garand
What’s interesting about the M1 Garand and Springfield M1903 is that they were both built around the same cartridge, the flat-shooting, hard-hitting .30-06 Springfield. The primary difference between the two platforms is that the M1903 was a bolt action rifle while the iconic M1 was a semi auto platform.

The M1 Garand is also famous for the fact that George Patton called it “the greatest battle implement ever devised.” That’s lofty praise, but the M1 was carried widely in the hands of American troops throughout World War 2, to great effect. There are also still a number of programs that host M1-only shoots.

Winchester Model 1894
The Winchester Model 1894 is one of the most iconic lever-action rifles ever produced. Perhaps not as much as the venerable 1873, but the 1894 can hold its own in any competition or in the woods.

This list has also chosen the 1894 over the 1873 because of one very important detail. When the rifle was developed and then introduced, two cartridges accompanied it. One was the .25-35 Winchester, the other was called .30 WCF, which later became known as the 30-30 Winchester. That makes this the lever-action that “gave” the world the enduring .30-30.

Remington Model 700
By relative comparison, the Remington Model 700 is a newcomer on this list. It was first released in 1962, but it quickly gained notoriety and it is currently one of the best-selling rifles of all time.

Its reliability and solid action have earned it a solid spot in the hearts of sportsmen around the world (particularly in America) and you can still buy one new. Also, since it was developed largely for civilian use (and not for the military) it’s available chambered in a wide range of popular cartridges, including but not limited to .270 Win, .30-06 Springfield, .308 Win, .223 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .338 Lapua Magnum.

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