Top 5 Explainer Videos

Top 5 Explainer Videos

Do you want to learn more about how an explainer video company can assist you with your trade? Visual explanations are the talk of the town these days. People from walks of life utilize these to connect with potential clients. Hence, an excellent explainer video production is the key to earning recognition and eliciting a response from many customers. Yet, do you wonder why explainer videos have become such an important step in establishing any new online venture? Then let us start by answering: what is an explainer video?

What Is an Explainer Video? (In Simple Words)

Explainer videos are short, mostly animated videos. They describe a brand, a service, a concept, or a tangible or intangible product. The motive of an explainer animation video is to increase efficiency, traffic, and outreach for the item or facility in question. Brands typically embed these videos on their website – where they can be the first thing that viewers can have a glimpse of. It automatically appeals to the scrolling users and involves them in executing actions favorable for sellers. These acts can be signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, donating, or sharing the content on the site in other social circles. They are also optimal for landing pages for more viewership and reach.

Why Use An Explainer Video?

Nowadays, people prefer audiovisual features to reading. This is why these videos have grown in popularity. They help explain a company, service, or product feature in a matter of seconds without becoming boring or monotonous. It is the main reason most people get drawn to explainer videos easily and quickly.

Why do Brands need to Choose Explainer Videos?

Whiteboard animation is an excellent tool for explaining complex concepts in simple terms. They are also useful when you need to make something important. Or when you need to draw the users’ attention to minor details. You present a creative solution to your customer’s problem using a whiteboard video. You can demonstrate the process explicitly and use creativity to enhance the user experience. A single idea is used and described in a video to make viewers understand a topic in a better way. As a result, they are more focused on what you’re saying, making it easier to convert a prospect into a customer.

The 5 Best Explainer Videos (& How to Make Your Own)

One of the best approaches to highlighting concepts, explainer videos uses multiple elements, such as text that appears on the video and voice-over. Along with the combination of narration – it conveys messages in an easy-to-comprehend way than any other medium, bringing about positive emotions from target consumers.

Below we will discuss the top 5 explainer videos that different organizations made. Some of them sell merchandise while others provide certain facilities. These explainer videos won them success, customers, recognition, leads, and sales on a massive level.

1 # Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola is arguably the best whiteboard animation video ever seen online. This video is longer than the typical 2-minute explainer video because it exemplifies a new marketing strategy chosen by the brand. Sometimes, making long animations is the best option for the company. For instance, if you intend to demonstrate company development history and explain how it affects the current state (particularly if the company’s history is lengthy). However, keep in mind that the longer your video is, the more devoted your viewers must be. If you are unsure whether they will be able to watch a 10-minute video, divide it into several parts.

2 # Dollar ($) Shave Club

Centering on consumers’ most urgent demands is a sure-shot way to gain their attention. It evokes emotions and convinces them to believe how your brand can help them in this regard. Dollar ($) Shave Club is an excellent example of an explainer video with a clear structure. It begins with a brief overview of the service (get great razors delivered to your door for $1/month). Then, it introduces the price issue (most blades are overpriced, have unnecessary features that raise prices, and it’s easy to forget about buying new razors). Eventually, it re-iterates the solution their service provides (cheap blades delivered monthly to your door).

3 # Airbnb Rental Services

Airbnb is a global vacation rental service that caters to homestays for vacation rentals and sightseeing activities. Their customers are everywhere, from remote villages to less visited places and chaotic cities and towns. The company ensures sheer dedication by using explainer videos to reach its clients in a safe and effective manner. Apart from their traditional promotions, they show unique experiences using Airbnb through a combination of live-action and animation. This explainer video does an excellent job of demonstrating the benefits of the Airbnb system while verbally explaining them.

4 # Spotify Music Streaming

Spotify is one of the prevalent music streaming service providers around the globe. It streams a diverse range of music in all genres. Therefore, listeners from all continents have become the prime choice to listen to music and play podcasts without charges. There is a fair chance that you have seen one of their short explainer ads on YouTube or as PPC material. The Spotify explainer video combines fun animation with a rocking soundtrack to highlight their digital music services. It looks great with lively, fast-paced music, and its color palette matches the Spotify logo perfectly. The Spotify animated explainer video is simple; it does not add unnecessary elements to the mix but focuses on the main attraction, i.e., music.

5 # World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Climate change is a throbbing issue. Still, years of articles, documentaries, and images made a noticeable dent. WWF is a prestigious international organization working to preserve endangered species on Earth. World Wildlife Fund uses explainer videos in their New Hope on Climate Change campaign. It discusses complex topics in a non-scientific way connecting people to the issue more effectively. These have become remarkable material to enlighten the public on a sensitive theme. It convincingly makes use of motion visualization to highlight the gravity of the problem. Hence, it made waves online and was supported by millions to contribute to the end of grim practices leading to the extinction of valuable creatures.


Because visual and auditory cues are far more powerful than text, the video becomes an effective tool for combining the two factors and providing a memorable experience for the viewer. In general, people prefer watching videos to reading long blocks of text. According to statistics, online videos are the fastest-growing ad type on the Internet. Not only that, but it has the reputation of being an Internet sensation. As a result, it has become a popular business trend. Animation explainers contain engaging visual scenes. Most individuals use them to learn about any new topic, subject, good, service, or firm. A video saves time conveying a message or describing a product because of the combination of visuals and descriptive voice-over or text. Explainer videos, in particular, represent a product or service better than any other media because video is the best way to define something.


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