Top 5 Reasons Why Is Cricket Important In India

Cricket is seen as the sport that unites the nation within India. We all cannot deny the fact that India is a nation of many sports in general, but in particular, it will always prefer cricket over any other sport. The people of this nation absolutely love and encourage playing gentleman’s games. From kids playing it in the streets to playing it on the fields with all the equipment needed, kids grow in India with this sport. We all can never agree more that cricket is definitely important for Indians. 

Too Easy To Play

Is a comparatively cheaper sport to play. It does not cost a hell lot to get into the best academy of cricket in India. A person belonging to a humble background can easily get into cricket and practice the sport. A matter of fact is that most Indian players in the cricket team have started their journeys from the streets. The only requirement for the sport is a bat and ball. After this, a whole team of 11 people could play. Although, playing cricket internationally requires a leather ball, but it is not needed in gully cricket. 

Better Infrastructure

Students who are willing to play this sport have to go through many stadiums or centers to look up to. It is not only about the infrastructure but there are plenty of cricket stadiums available throughout the nation. This is one of the factors which is hugely responsible for drawing more and more children into this sport. They aspire to become what they see. The scope of this sport is no less. 

There are many world-class stadiums present in almost every state of the nation, but if we look into other sports like football we do not see it. This factor contributes to major participation in cricket. 

Physical Outcome

One of the important reasons that Indians are not able to compete very well in other sports is because the physical built does not support the same. The physical strength, good height, and substantial match fitness are not built-in Indians. Or a possible explanation for this could be that they did have not find it big enough to build themselves in a certain way. Another reason is genetics which does not allow them to be in a way that other sports demand to be. But thankfully! They have enough physical strength to compete in sports internationally and nationally. 

Money Making In Cricket Is Important

The majority of the population in India can easily get cashed into money. They could be baited into anything if it has money in it. Indians have different ways to make supplementary income from this sport. They could easily invest in cricket-related startups or they can flock to India’s betting sites to bet on the team they prefer. Regardless of what the nation is going through, cricket will always be a game of their hearts. Cricket is a well-paid sport in India. So either way, it is getting all the attention of people. They love it or not, this is all they have got. Furthermore, this is the reason people want to make it their full-time jobs or careers out of this sport. Money have cricket have been working hand in hand for the past few decades. 

Money does not only comes from bidding in the team but it is plenty for players as well. Be it salaries, prize money, or money from the government of the nation it is always enough. With the arrival of IPL, it is yet another opportunity to get money for the cricketers. Players get immense amounts of money, but they still choose to stay on the field and improve themselves in almost every possible way. These players could easily live an opulent life but they choose the nation. 

Strong Governing Body

Cricket in India is governed by the Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI), which is a productive, efficient, and methodical gathering of some experienced cricketers. The BCCI has ensured the spread of this sport and that people show their absolute interest in playing this sport. It has also found a way to ensure and flourish cricketing interests in India. Their journey of reaching the heights of success that they are in is incredible. 

There are more governing bodies like- AIEF, HI, IHF, and so on. All these bodies are complicated and unmethodical when it comes to their work and are frequently bustling managing inward issues. The money structure of these bodies is comparatively lesser than BCCI. Along with the help of solid sponsors and advertisements, these companies have paved their way to the top of the academies’ list in India. It is no secret that cricket


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