Top Five Benefits Of Using The Brokerage Calculator

“Brokerage Calculator” gives precise information of brokerage to an investor. The amount paid to the broker when undertaking a particular transaction is the brokerage. The comparisons of brokerage amounts are often vague. Here’s what you need to know!

How to save on Brokerage Commission?

Proper calculation is said to help investors save over 90%. The investor well understands savings in brokerage in terms of conventional packages and flat-free structures. “Brokerage Calculator” displays all information like transaction charges, service charge, total cost, stamp duty, and others. The breakeven point can be estimated accurately with it, and the actual profit can be projected.

An investor is often overwhelmed with a lot of unanswered questions. As an investor you can be probing to know the calculation of brokerage fee. Furthermore some investors would be curious to save on the brokerage expenses. Few of the clients may wonder if there is a threshold for brokerage fee, and if high fee can be eliminated. Some customers often question the range in terms of minimum and maximum brokerage fee.

It really would be worthwhile to get a clear picture!

What is it?

Option brokerage calculator is a tool that investors can utilise to compute the brokerage for specific transactions related to trade. Apart the brokerage some of the other charges a client would know is the stamp duty, turnover charges, transaction charges, and others. It is user friendly and can be assumed to look like an online form that needs to be filled. Some of the tabs or segments that one can expect would be related to commodities, currency, equity options and equity futures.

What are the Choices in Brokerage Calculation?

These are the types you can expect:

¨ Equities Brokerage Calculator:

It is useful for intraday trading and associated cost evaluation both in NSE and BSE. The calculation would estimate costs for equity trade in intraday.

¨ Currency Brokerage Calculator:

Costs linked with currency trade NSE can be calculated with this segment. It can also show the breakeven point so that an investor can plan profits. Buying/Selling price, lots, lot size, and pricing plan are the information required.

¨ Commodity Brokerage Calculator:

This gives an idea of the cost and brokerage related to MCX commodity trading. An investor can also foresee the breakeven point.

MCX Commodity Trading

It is also good to know about the MCX Span Margin Calculator. (SPAN is expanded as Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk). This is also an online tool that can estimate the all-inclusive span margin when trading on commodities. You can expect to know the exposure margin, understand the price movements, and extreme loss margin.

Estimating the SPAN margin online is simple and requires some information. The exchange, product type (Future or Option, Scrip to be traded, type of trade (put or call), expiry date, strike price, and size are the information to be filled into the fields and the SPAN margin is auto calculated. Thus, MCX Span Margin Calculator offers visualization to the client on his action plans.

Top Benefits from a Brokerage Calculator

1. Accurate results: An investor can get precise estimates when planning on profitability and reduction of brokerage charges. The results are not only accurate but also portrayed clearly so that the user understands.

2. No Hidden Information: The tool is user friendly, and transparent, and one is assured that there are no hidden – charges. The investor’s anxiety and fear of some hidden terms and conditions can be eliminated.

3. Smart Decision: It aids a customer to take smart and quick decisions related to profitable trading. The client can compare various costs with that of competitors for a clear picture.

4. Estimate the Tangible Savings: Every trader and investor can be confident to get maximum profits by actual figures of savings that will occur in various contexts.

5. Break Even Point: It is the point at which an investor makes no profit or gain; any further inputs could lead to profits. The brokerage calculator gives insights to the threshold one has to cross to generate profits.

To conclude, it is advisable to estimate the tangible savings and profits. Both Brokerage Calculator and MCX Span Margin Calculator are invaluable tools for an investor.


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