Top Useful Tools for Effective Academic Writing

Students want to write perfectly to get good grades and attract readers, whether in school, college or university. However, they need to learn about the top academic writing tools and how to use them to write articles, research papers, and other academic purposes effectively. For some, academic writing comes naturally. On the other hand, some need proper help and learning for the perfect piece of writing. Naturally, some students fail to understand the simple essay prompt, and some are totally unable to comprehend the necessities of writing a particular assignment. Ultimately, they write so poorly and fail to handle the assignments. Gathering correct information from a credible source is quite challenging and responsible work. Hence, it makes academic writing more tricky for students. Therefore, they should know what tools are needed to write an academic paper effectively.

In this blog, you will learn about efficacious and some research paper writing tools for free. So, it will help you write perfect essays and other academic papers using reliable tools. 

Furthermore, we have seen a trend among students to depend on professional writers seeking help in essay writing tasks and other assignments at different academic levels. This system should never be appreciated. However, you can easily prevent it by providing quality online tuition in London, Manchester, or wherever you live across the UK. When they learn the core writing skills at early stages from professional tutors, they will be independent at advanced stages like in colleges and universities. 

Why do students need academic writing tools?

Students can overcome their writing necessities and hurdles with the right approach and tools. These top academic writing tools will help students solve their writing problems, but they need proper practice to make it possible. So, tools help students at different stages of writing, including pre-writing, through research, writing, revision, and editing in the end. We understand the challenges that students generally face at these stages. Thus, it is a must to make use of the right tools for a smooth and effective writing process. With the following tools, the writing process will become much simpler, improving a child’s overall academic performance.

7 Top Useful Academic Writing Tools For Students

If you are seeking help in dealing with your academic writing challenges and making the whole process simpler, the following are the most proficient tools to consider.

Google Docs

It is a free online editing tool for writing powered by Google. It comes with various tools to make your writing more effective and grammatically correct. So, you can set the language whether you are writing American or British English; it will identify your spelling mistakes when you use the tool of spelling and grammar checking. Moreover, you can share the document with others, and they can also edit the doc at the same time from different devices. It autosaves the document. So, it means you do not need to worry about losing your content. It is one of the best editing tools suggested by top and professional writers.


In academic writing, research is an important stage. So, Encyclopedia will help you with the qualitative research process, supporting you in compiling the right information for your work. Students should not use random sites or incredible sources such as Wikipedia for various references in their work. However, Encyclopedia allows you to access the links to credible websites and books that you can efficiently utilize to support your findings in your academic writing. It is considered one of the best software for research papers and top academic writing tool.


Grammarly is being used for various writing purposes. Whether you need help in editing, correcting contextual spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, setting the formal or informal tone in your writing, and various styles, this can be the best software for academic writing. It allows you to customize your writing based on your specific requirements. Moreover, it allows the extension in Google Docs and MS word. So, you can use it when you write online or can download the app for windows. Grammarly highlights the errors along with the corrections. There will be suggestions according to your set goals in the settings. You can also select the language, either American or British English. So, it improves your writing style with the perfect alternative phrases and clarity options.

Hemingway Editor

This is also one of the best editing & top academic writing tools used for writing and is accessible online. So, you won’t need to download it to use it. In fact, it is among the most dedicated and secured applications, providing comprehensibility and clearness in your work. Moreover, it perfectly guides you to improve the sentence structure and other core factors needed for effective academic writing. It highlights and pinpoints words that are not simple and hard to read and understand for readers. It also helps you in using the adverbs and other core English grammar elements perfectly.  


If you wonder what tools are needed to write an academic paper effectively, Evernote could be the best pick. So, it has made academic writing much easier, especially for students. However, it is one of the most effective applications that can help you organize writing and making notes. This particular app allows you to select quotes, ideas, and images for a specific use depending on your requirements. Moreover, it is popular as an efficient tool for research enabling you to organize and work with different types of content, including PDF docs, location photos, snippets, opinions, ideas, and other uses. Even if you don’t have enough ideas in your mind, this app can help. 

It is a completely free application. Hence, it makes creating lists and taking down notes much easier. It is the best application, especially for conducting research. If you’re looking for free research paper writing tools, try this one out.


It is one of the effective academic writing tools online that help writers in avoiding distractions and manage the assignments in an effective manner. So, it has an interesting implementation as it works perfectly if you are experiencing distraction or losing focus while doing your work. In this platform, you can hide tools that bother you while working and tailor your work to how you want it and how your text would appear on the screen. Moreover, it allows you to keep track of your work in progress. It has been considered one of the Top Academic Writing Tools.


This particular tool counts the number of words that you write in your specific assignment or content. However, it analyses the words and other phrases in your essay and prepares a report on the widely or frequently used words. After that, you can decide which words you want to change or remove depending on the specific requirements. It is highly suggested for writing essays as this particular writing is a daunting task and requires a lot of effort from students or writers. Since students must have skills to deal with challenges, they must know how to manage assignments and get support from professionals. 

This platform will help you with amazing writing tips to improve your writing styles and structure. Moreover, you will get some additional tools to make your writing more enjoyable while reducing stress. However, you must be capable enough to know how to use these tools appropriately. Do you want to improve your grades and make the whole writing process simple and easy, give it a chance!


Technology has come up with some fascinating and reliable tools for writing purposes. AI has especially made the whole writing process much simpler with top academic writing tools. These are some of the best writing tools that will help you with all your requirements.


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