Top World-Famous Companies Using Node Js

Using Node Js – Node.js resolves numerous production tests, particularly for the best organizations. Some of them are platform-related, while others depend on resource consumption. Among these, Linkedin, Netflix, and Paypal have saved above 60% of the loading period by using Node Js in 2021., which is a well-known tool for categorizing internet speed, is itself using Node Js. Nevertheless, among all others, greater developer productivity, advanced app performance, and inferior development cost are some of the preeminent reasons why businesses are working on Node Js.

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Top Companies Using Node Js in 2021:

Here are some of the topmost companies effectively operating on Node Js.


LinkedIn is a networking site particularly designed for experts. However, it is immensely appropriate for people searching for worthy career options, specifically those who want to be seen by good companies. Also, there are corporations that are looking for reasonable candidates. Hence they open job positions on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn was primarily being run on Ruby on Rails, but it transferred to Node Js in late 2011. The aim was mainly that LinkedIn developers were looking to enhance their mobile app since now everything is written totally on Node.js.

After this large apparent change, they were able to considerably cut down on the server resources. In this way, the application was able to operate 20 times much faster than its predecessor. As a consequence, HTML5 played an important role in LinkedIn’s mobile app development.


PayPal is essentially an online platform that is used for creating electronic payments by using a trustworthy service. Moreover, PayPal is operating on Node Js for constructing user-facing content.

Primarily, PayPal was running on Javascript transition, but it decreased the loading time, and there were emerging payment processing apprehensions. Their engineers were specialists at JAVA, but since Javascript was front-end, several differences were rising in the development process. Therefore in 2013, PayPal made this huge decision to drift from Java to Node Js. It was among the primary companies to take this step.

The PayPal software group is now using it to allow its developers to structure both server-side and client-side using JavaScript. Consequently, it unites the developers in understanding and making it helpful in the entire development process.


Walmart is one of the great American retail enterprises that is operating many grocery and department stores all over the world. As one of the businesses operating on Node.js, Walmart uses such a framework for UIs and an orchestration layer for building application programming interfaces (APIs) for the company’s app.

Orchestration layers permit the developers to integrate numerous apps as well as those services together. However, Walmart app users are now able to get this platform for opening many distinct functions.


Uber is a taxi service for people who want to go anywhere fast but are anxious regarding overestimated prices. Consequently, people who are working for Uber have to face background checks, which is why it is very reliable.

Of numerous companies using Node Js, Uber was among the initial ones to use this framework for fully covering it by arranging the Uber platform in Node.js. There are numerous reasons why Uber is using Node Js in 2021. Fast processing speed, the suitability of error-checking, and continuous development benefit the open-source community.


Yahoo was among the primary and important web directories for medical information, news, finance information, and much more. This role then stretched to email as well as search engine facilities. Front-end development is the simple use of Node Js development for Yahoo as it is extremely scalable and guarantees great performance.

It is not surprising to know that Yahoo Food, Yahoo Life, and Yahoo Answers are using Node Js in 2021. Yahoo is certainly an early adopter when it comes to technology for production, initiating from Node version 0.8.


GoDaddy is among the world’s prime web hosting companies and domain providers, using Node Js. As a result, businesses approach GoDaddy for hosting their sites and registering their domain names.

GoDaddy transferred to Node Js in 2016 when they rearranged their site. The key priority was to reduce the server load employed by utilizing the Website Builder platform, decreasing the overall cost, and providing better performance to the clients. Furthermore, Node Js offers a very useful approach for testing, NPM resources, and REST.


Medium is a prominent online platform for publishing articles using a wide variety of content. Furthermore, Medium developers effectively create their app servers by utilizing Node js accompanied by the webserver NGINX. As a result, the Medium team enjoys sharing code among the server-side and client-side.

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