Transform Your Bathroom with Large Bathroom Tiles

Redesigning your bathroom can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. It can actually be really fun picking out your new floor or walls to match the personality of your household or at least the aesthetic you wish to display.

Bathroom tiles come in various different shapes, sizes, and colors. Large bathroom tiles offer a very modern look and are growing rapidly in popularity. There are many advantages that large format tiles bring other than just an overall appealing appearance.

The Benefits of Larger Bathroom Tiles
What draws many people to the idea of buying larger tiles for the bathrooms is the clean and sleek look that it manages to portray. These tiles get to be as big as 30×30 inches. Having fewer individual tiles makes the bathroom look more cohesive overall. The fewer individual tiles you have to use the better, to give the room a singular sense of beauty.

There are two major types of large bathroom tiles that are used marble look tiles and concrete look tiles. Both of these can look magnificently elegant in any bathroom, it just depends on which one is more “you”. The difference between the two types of tile is the overall look that the tile is trying to emulate.

Both, the concrete look and the marble look are made of porcelain, but they are meant to simulate other materials. Where they differ in various patterns and colors. That’s what makes them unique. The large format concrete look tiles are generally matte and bold. They range from Interno dark to Maku Light. The large marble look tiles have patterns that get a little more intricate. You can find them in dark, polished Marmi St. Laurent, a lighter polished Nova, or anywhere in between.

Out of all options you can choose for your bathroom floors or walls, tile is one of the best. Other flooring options like carpet, just don’t work well in a bathroom. Not only does it look ridiculous, but it’s borderline unsanitary. The tile is both sleek and durable. It is built to last and can withstand years of wear and tear. There’s a reason porcelain tile is one of the most popular choices to apply to your bathroom.

Where to Get Large Tiles for Your Bathroom
If you are looking to get your bathroom floors or walls done, the best place to get high-quality tiles would be from They have large bathroom tiles available in a wide variety of different colors and sizes. Where you’re looking for 30×30 squares or slightly smaller rectangular bathroom tiles, you’ll find it on their site.

If you’re going for a cohesive design that embraces simplicity but still manages to capture elegance then you should go with large format tiles for your bathroom. If you’re not entirely sure yet you can browse Brick City Tile’s website and compare the many tiling options that they have available. Visit them today have a brand new porcelain tiled bathroom asap.

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