TV buying guide: 9 things you need to know

TV buying guide: 9 things you need to know

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a new television, but this guide is here to help. Despite what you’ve heard, how do you know which TV is best for your needs? Many display options and technologies make it easy to become overwhelmed. Whether you’re looking for simple shopping advice or you need to know which features are most important to purchase a TV, this guide is here to help you.

Factors you should consider before purchasing a TV

Screen size

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a primary or high-performance television, screen size is likely to be the most crucial consideration. Consider the number of people in your household and where you’ll be putting your new television set. A screen size as large as possible while staying within your budget should be considered next. MI TV 43 inch is the best TV available if you are looking for the best and most affordable model on the market.

Screen resolution: 8K, 4K or HD

The number of horizontal rows and vertical columns of pixels that make up a display’s picture is known as resolution. The more pixels in a picture, the sharper the picture, and the more refined the details, the higher the resolution. Text and other small objects on a 4K TV display are sharper because of the higher resolution. In general, HDTV images appear to be more vibrant and lifelike, but the benefits can be a little less obvious.

Quantum Light Dots

A technology known as QLED, which Samsung coined, is a newer screen technology that uses quantum dots to produce colored light. There are claims that the TV will appear brighter and more vibrant thanks to this quantum dot layer. According to some reports, Quantum Dot LED screens outperform standard LCD-LED displays in several performance categories.

HDR Technology

High dynamic range refers to the ability of 4K Ultra HD sets to deliver more colors, greater contrast levels, and increased brightness. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is an upgrade to the 4K formats. 

Refresh rate

How often a picture on the screen is redrawn depends on the refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz). While a 60 Hz refresh rate is ideal for scenes with many fast-moving objects, it can appear blurry or jittery on LCD HDTVs. To improve the image quality, manufacturers increased the refresh rate to 120 Hz from the previous 60 Hz level.

HDMI output

Consider the number of HDMI ports a TV has, even if it seems like an afterthought. HDMI plugs on the back may be reduced by manufacturers trying to save money. When purchasing a 4K Ultra HD television, make sure the set’s HDMI 2.0 ports can handle future Ultra HD sources. Only one HDCP 2.2-compliant port can be found on many TVs currently on the market (high-bandwidth digital content protection).

Panel type: LCD, LED, OLED

LCD and OLED are the only two types of TVs available outside of projection sets. If you want affordable TV prices, you’ll most likely purchase an LCD television. LED/LCD is the most common type of television on the market today. Unlike full-array LED-LCDs with a few dozen lighting zones, OLED TVs go one better. OLEDs use a layer of organic LEDs controlled at the pixel level to achieve absolute blackness and stunning contrasts as a backlight. Photographing fireworks against a dark sky is a popular way to show off OLED’s capabilities.

Price Range

TV prices have dropped significantly over the last three years, and you can now get a gorgeous, top-of-the-line, 42-inch, 4K smart TV for less than a grand. Spend more money on TV price and you can bring home the same thing, but in 65 or 75-inch form and with every feature imaginable. 

TV Warranty

When you purchase your new television from an authorized dealer, you will receive the full manufacturer’s warranty. And the majority of television manufacturers like LG, Sony, and Samsung and many more have nationwide authorized service centers that, in many cases, will come to your home if there is an issue. When you purchase from an authorized dealer, you receive phone and email support from the dealer in addition to the manufacturer’s in-home coverage and support.

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