Uber Clone – Buy Taxi Booking App Solution With iWatch App & New Features

Until a few years ago, middle-class people never dreamt of traveling through a private taxi. Uber changed that.

Uber not only transformed the taxi industry but has changed the way taxi businesses used to happen. Taking the largest pieces in the ride-sharing market, today Uber enjoys the monopoly die-hardly.

Uber Excelling The Market

Available on separate OS, Android, and iOS, it has adopted the smart strategy to capture a maximum audience.

The launch of the Uber Taxi App made it super convenient, easy, and cheap to travel through a private cab.  The taxis are available in a variety of taxi models, it has managed to keep everyone happy. The Upper Class can book taxis choosing from the “Luxurious Vehicle Fleet”, thus luring all segments of society.

Indeed, moving towards Uber-like App development seems to be a reasonable move for the business owners looking to venture into the new business as well as Transport companies.

To create an Uber-like app, approach an app development company that has a trusted process than hiring a couple of freelancers to develop the app.

Implement Latest Uber Clone App Features 2021

To replicate one of the most successful business models, there is a need to deliver On-Demand Taxi Booking App with a twist. This will keep you ahead in the competition.

In your quest to Build an Uber-like App, focusing on building an Uber-like App requires having different features. Having integrated your app with the Latest Features will give you a competitive edge.

New Addition To Uber Like App

 Taxi Booking iWatch App

Give your Apple Users the convenience of booking their taxis using their Apple Watch. This new Taxi Booking iWatch app can be connect to the iPhone App allowing it quick for the users to get the taxi.

It’s the right time to empower the On-Demand Taxi Booking App by purchasing this latest addition, allowing you to stay ahead.

The Apple Watch App is exclusively designed to provide a seamless experience when developed by experts using their years of experience.

Your users will have to download the app that connects automatically using their iPhones. Like how the app works, the users can place a request for the ride, get notifications, get ETA on a real-time basis, make payments, etc.

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Latest Advanced-level Features Of Uber-like App 2021


Restricting driver’s fraud

The feature prevents the driver from attempting the fraud. The feature restricts the driver preventing from marking “Arrived” before reaching the user’s destination for the pickup. This brings transparency ensuring there are no discrepancies with the users.

Location-wise push-notifications

The feature allows the Admin to select the region by geo-fencing it to pitch the mass announcements, promo codes as well as other important announcements to target the users.

Cookie consent

The cookie consent popup feature is about alerting the users about cookies being used. The cookies comply with GDPR and EU Cookie Directives. This can be enabled/disabled accordingly from the backend.

Using Firebase for mobile number verification

Firebase from Google authenticates users offering verification services at no cost up to 10,000 verification. Afterward, there’s a basic plan package you can choose from. Compared to 3rd party SMS services it is way cheaper.

COVID19 safety features

During the pandemic, the transportation industry was the worst hit. People still fear traveling in public transportation. Witnessing the fear and hesitation to travel, integrating Uber Clone Taxi Booking App COVID19 Safety Features like Face mask verifications, Safety checklists, Safety ratings and reviews, Restricted passenger limits, Ride cancellation, can immediately help in scaling up your Taxi Business.

In Conclusion

Kickstart your taxi booking business with Uber CloneTaxi App. To bring an exceptional experience connect with the app development experts that provide you with the best of the On-Demand Taxi Booking App you’re your business. If you are in the process of building an Uber-like App, you must check out V3Cube’s Uber Clone Taxi App model.



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