Unblock Websites: 5 Solutions For You Should Know

Although the Internet is a place for all but the content on it is not available for all. Now what this means is that there are many websites and obviously the content over it which is restricted to some specific regions only. And when you try to access these websites these will either be blocked or cannot load. If you are currently reading this article then surely you must have faced this situation and you are looking for a way on how to unblock websites and access that restricted content.

So guys, here we are with the five best solutions that will help you to unblock websites and view your favorite content.

Why Do Websites Get blocked?

Before learning how to unblock websites, let’s first discuss why the websites get blocked. There can be many reasons for that. The first reason might be that the website might be restricted so that it can be accessed to some specific regions only. This is blocking a website based on the geographical region. Another reason can be the network you are connected to, on which the network administrator has put a check on which sites one can visit, and which not. Basically if you are on your office network or school network then you have often faced this issue. Apart from that many websites also block access to a certain range of IP addresses if they are detected as a source of spam requests. And it may be possible that unfortunately your IP address also caught up by these filters.

Many at times it is your ISP(Internet Service Provider) that has blocked a website due to some restrictions imposed by the government. So whatever be the reason let’s now check out the possible ways to access these blocked websites.

How to Unblock Websites

You have several options to access a blocked website, like using a proxy server, using a VPN or using TOR browser. Let’s look at all these and a few other ways to access the blocked websites.

Solution 1: Try Switching the Network

Whenever you try to access a website and you are unable to do so then it is highly likely because of the network you are connected to. A good example for this is that if you are connected to your office or school network then the network administrator restricts most of the websites including the social media or shopping sites.

Apart from that the websites considered to contain inappropriate content or that require a huge bandwidth are also get blocked by the network administrator on the network.


Now the simplest way to overcome this problem is switching the network, i.e. disconnect your device from that Wi-Fi network and connect with your mobile data. And now if you can access that website then the problem is with the restrictions imposed on the network and not with the original website.

However, in case you are still unable to access that website then move ahead and try the next tip.

Solution 2: Use a VPN Service

Using a VPN service is one of the easiest and safest ways to access a blocked website and its content that are blocked in your region. So if a specific website is either blocked in your location, i.e. your region, country, school, office or any other, then a VPN can handle this with ease and that too without exposing your identity.

So as soon as you start using a VPN, it establishes a secure connection on the Internet by masking or hiding your original IP address. Now, all the traffic that flows from your network to the Internet flows through a secure tunnel so that no one tracks your identity and is able to know your actual location or to be precise your original IP Address. In this way a VPN helps you to bypass the geographical restrictions that block a website from being accessed in a particular location.

Moreover as compared to any other method of accessing a blocked website VPN is one of the simplest methods. To get started all you need to do is install a VPN service on your device, launch it and connect with any of the remote servers provided by the VPN. That’s it. Once you are connected through the remote server you will be able to access the blocked website, without revealing your original identity.

Use a VPN Service

Now, although it is quite easy to use a VPN, however, when it comes to picking a VPN service you might be confused by a lot of available options. After a lot of research at our end, we found Systweak VPN as one of the best available options for a VPN. With over 4500 remote servers in more than 200 locations Systweak VPN can help you not only in accessing the restricted websites but also provides you complete anonymity while working on the Internet.

Solution 3: Using TOR Browser

Another way to unblock websites is by using a TOR browser. Whenever you connect to the Internet using TOR browser it hides your real location so that you can browse the internet without any restriction and can enjoy almost all the restricted content.

Using TOR Browser

The only drawback of the TOR browser is that sometimes it becomes slow, and also its compatibility with the devices running iOS.

Solution 4: Using a Proxy Server

A proxy server and VPN service are often mistakenly considered as the same thing, although in reality they are quite different from each other as to use a proxy server for accessing a blocked website you do not need any third party application to install on your device.

So another way to access the restricted content on the Internet is using a proxy server that hides your real IP address on the network.

Solution 5: Using a URL Shortener

Our fifth quick tip on how to unblock websites and access block content is by using a URL shortener. To use this method all you need to do is shorten the web address of the blocked website using a URL shortener website like Bitly. Now once you have shortened the actual URL address of a blocked website, copy it and paste in the new browser tab. That’s it. You can now access the blocked website.

Wrapping Up

So folks these are 5 solutions that will help you to access the blocked websites. We hope that after following the solutions listed in the article you will be able to access all your favorite websites and their content that was previously restricted.


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