Understand Super Bowl Boxes Template With Numbers

Understand Super Bowl Boxes Template With Numbers

You must have heard about super bowl LV but do you know there are super bowl party games also? By participating in super bowl party games, you can have enormous fun and enjoy it a lot as there are so many prizes in it. 

The best part about playing the super bowl boxes template with numbers is that you play it among your family, friends, and relatives. The game has gained quite prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic as it can be played online also. 

The players have an advantage when playing the super bowl squares template as it is a game of chance and luck, and it means that there is no strategy involved. Despite being popular, many people don’t know much about it. So let us figure out first about the super bowl boxes template with numbers and have fun. 

How do super bowl squares work? 

Usually, the game is played on a 10×10 grid with mostly the home team on the top and the visitor column on the side. When you employ a 10×10 grid, then there will be a total of 100 squares. When you are ready with the grid, then you should fill out the grid. You can do it either online or on posters. 

Mostly, the squares are labeled as 1-100. As far as picking squares are concerned, then there is no perfect strategy for the same. This randomly takes place only. But while picking the squares, keep this thing in mind that if you pick multiple squares in the row and column, then at the end, you’ll have fewer combinations to work at in the end. 

The board will seem full once all the 100 squares are filled out with players. Now is the time to draw numbers. But the real question is how to draw numbers? Let us answer it below. 

How to draw numbers for the super bowl squares template?

Let us suppose you have two teams, such as Chiefs and Buccaneers. Then you should randomly designate the numbers from 0-9 across the Chiefs and Buccaneers. For this, some people prefer using the random number generator. 

The criteria will be different if you opt for a 25 square grid where home and road teams get two numbers instead of one. It makes room for each player to have 2 squares. From both the vertical and horizontal positions, your numbers should align with the square. 

How to play super bowl boxes template?

Many people are looking forward to us asking about the playing strategy of the super bowl boxes template with numbers. If you also do wonder about this, then we have got you covered. Here are some of the steps outlined below to commence with the super bowl boxes template with numbers

Creating a grid 

You simply cannot move ahead with the game without making the grid. So the very first thing you should focus on is choosing the right kind of grid. There are diverse options in the grids, such as 10×10 grid, 25×25 grid, and sometimes 50×50 grid. But to keep things simple, most people prefer a 10×10 grid only. 

There are two ways to come up with the grid. You can either make it manually on a piece of board, and the other way is to simply get it done online and save your time. When making the grid, ensure that the grid has ample space to incorporate the player’s initials and numbers. 

Label grid with numbers 

The next step after making the grid is labeling with the numbers ranging from 0-9. Begin by writing 0 above the first square and keep on doing like this only. You need to keep doing this until you reach the last square and number 9. You need to do this on both sides of the grid. 

Assign football teams 

You also have to assign the football teams to the grid. Begin by writing the name of one team at the top. Also, mention the other team’s name on the other side of the board. Add more spice to the game by printing out the team’s logo and taping it to the side of the board. 

Distribute squares 

Along with other things, figure out who’ll be watching the game before you begin distributing the squares to the players. This way, you’ll learn about the players and then distribute the squares among the players. Later on, to avoid chaos, inform the players about your strategy, like how you would be running the game. 

When distributing the squares, you also have to pay a certain amount of fee charged by the host. Usually, the fee ranges between $5-$10, but keep the fees low if you want to attract more participants. By doing so, you’ll also accumulate money to reward the winners at the end. 

Play the game and choose a winner 

Now you are ready to go ahead with the game and choose the winner. You’ll get to know the winner of the game by knowing the final combinations. If the square intersects with the other, that person is designated as the winner of the game. 

How to win the super bowl squares template? 

Usually, the winner is paid after every quarter. When determining the winner, it is seen whose numbers intersect, and that player is termed the winner. 


After knowing the strategy of the super bowl boxes template with numbers, it must be easy for you to win the contest and have fun along with it. 


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