Using astrology to predict the Euro 2012 winner

Can astrology be used to predict sports? Will it be used to predict who will win Euro 2012? The idea of ​​predicting sporting events has fascinated astrologers and gamblers since the days of Roman chariots.

Astrology is sometimes used not only to predict sporting events, but also to train coaches and influence their team selection decisions. The most famous example that comes to mind is French coach Raymond Dominic, who admitted that his passion for astrology influenced his team selection. The coach, himself an Aquarius with a Virgo rising, cut Scorpio and Leo players from his team based on their zodiac signs.

Things didn’t quite go as Dominic did at the 2010 World Cup

in South Africa, but he’s not the only public figure hoping for fame, but will it work? How do you do that?

Obviously, all sports are different and the astrological aspects are different in both individual and team sports, as are the skills and conditions required to win in different team sports; Football and baseball are very different sports, so the astrology signs must be different.

The simplest method often used is modified watchmaking. Horoscope Horoscope is an ancient branch of astrology where an astrologer tries to answer a question by making a horoscope after receiving the question. Different aspects of the chart are chosen to represent both sides, whether it’s the home team against the away team, the favorite against the underdog, or whatever suits the particular league. In these groups, planetary rulers are judged by signs and often the strongest astrological sign is declared the winner.

The astrologer takes a different approach to sports betting

And focuses on the birth charts of the warring parties. This includes players’ and admin’s birthday, game time, position of the moon during the game, etc. These variables are used to find out who astrology supports or what it affects better. Because of the events of the game.

We can’t go into detail about all the different signs and 토토사이트 figures that some astrologers use, but we can take a standard astrological approach to football and specifically who will win Euro 2012 with a Polish participant. .. Ukraine June 11 – July 1. One such simplistic approach is the use of colors as astrological meanings.

Most medieval astrologers list colors that represent clothing and objects that appear in the time chart. Some frames are different and some overlap, but generally the choice comes down to tone and texture. For example, rich shades of purple are associated with Jupiter and the Sun, yellow with Venus and the Moon.


These lists allow us to see which team colors are the “strongest”

During battles. The group stages will be played from 8.6.2012 to 19.6.2012 and the playoffs from 21.-28.6.2012. The final will be played on July 1, 2012.

Jupiter is in Taurus in group phases from the 8th to the 11th. June. This season’s uniform colors are: green, yellow, white and light blue. The teams using the shirt colors are: England, Germany, Greece, Poland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Ukraine. On June 11. Strong colors are: yellow, green and orange. The teams using the colors of the shirt are: Holland, Ireland, Sweden and Ukraine. From June 25th to July 1st, Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer. Today’s strongest colors are green and white.

With simplified color maps and match dates, we can see that Ireland, who plays in green (home shirt) and white (away shirt), are the strongest in their shirt colors in this championship. There are astrological advantages, but will they win Euro 2012? What else to see.


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