W58 Transmission for Sale

Transmission is an important component of a vehicle. It helps in the movement of the power to the wheels. There are a variety of car transmissions and the working of it depends on the type of transmission. It controls the gears and without a transmission, the gear shift will stop working. It ensures that the engine spins at the right rate and the wheels get an ample amount of power. It can be referred to as ‘nerves of the body. It establishes coordination between starting and stopping of the vehicle and without it, these actions cannot be performed.

W58 Transmission for Sale

The W58 Transmission for sale is a powerful and impressive version of the W-family. It is a strong, cheap, and most reliable product. It is widely used in many automobiles such as Toyota Mk3 non-turbo Supra, Toyota Celica, Toyota Soarer, etc.

Product details and Specification of W58 Transmission for sale

Power: 400 to 450 Whp

Fluid Capacity: 2.5 quarts

Oil capacity: 2.2 quarts

Cylinder type: Slave cylinder

Bleeder screw: 90 degree

Length: 27 inches

Weight: 35 Kg or 90 lbs

Oil used: 75w/90

Plates: Steel

Gear ratios

First Gear: 3.285

Second Gear: 1.894

Third Gear: 1.275

Fourth Gear: 1.00

Fifth Gear: 0.783

Reverse: -3.768

The product is manufactured keeping all the manufacturing guidelines and procedures in mind and adheres to the mandatory standards to ensure its functioning. It is tested by top experts in the field and certified for its best quality and performance. The product is known to be one of the best in its family. It is durable, enduring, and has a high demand in the market.

The W58 Transmission for sale has a complex system and it can be tedious to install it without an expert. It is advised to take the help of a mechanic having the necessary tools for the installation which would save time and effort, avoid any damage to the product, and will fit correctly without any doubt. The device is sturdy and imperishable and has been built using first-class materials. The plates used can be of steel or alloys. Although, steel plates are much durable and hard compared to their alloy counterparts. The inside parts are tough and made to endure different driving conditions and for long-lasting nature.

The power holding capacity of the W58 Transmission for sale is not specific as it depends on how the user handles and drives the vehicle. Few are known to drive 68K miles on the tyranny.

The services provided by the company are great and addressing queries put forward by the user is their utmost priority. The company assists the user with products and gives a personalized solution for the problem. For more details, the user can get in touch with the company through the contacts provided.

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