Wear the yellow dress well while remaining trendy

Trending Yellow Dress

Yellow is a bold and fresh colour that is very trendy this year. Although it is one of the primary colors, it is often worn sparingly or as a discreet touch to enhance an outfit. Trendy, daring, sunny and deliciously mischievous, yellow is a colour that is good to wear to put yourself in a good mood and to be hyper-stylish.

That said, few are those who dare to wear the yellow dress, a somewhat intimidating fashion piece as wearing a yellow dress is extremely flattering. Yellow is an eye-catcher and goes well with many different colours!

Today, Albeli offers you some fashion tips and tricks to be trendy with a yellow dress, while avoiding the clownish fashion faux pas. 

Choose the yellow that goes well with your skin colour

Before launching an assault on yellow dresses, we have a little colourimetry point.Colourimetry is the science that allows us to find the most beautiful colours to wear according to our skin tone.

Well-controlled, it works real miracles: goodbye dull complexion, goodbye marked dark circles and goodbye tired features; hello radiant complexion and rested face! Well, it will never replace a good concealer, but it really helps.

Regarding yellow, you are aware that there are many shades, which will or will not compliment your pretty face.

Here is what you need to know to choose the right yellow for your dress:

  • For light complexions: Bet on warm yellows such as mustard, curry, dark yellow or on very pale yellows, which are contrary to cold colours. What you must avoid at all costs is fluorescent or neon yellows which will really make you look grey. Lemon yellow (the “true” yellow) isn’t your best option either. 
  • For medium to dark skin: You can afford deep shades of yellow like lemon or sun yellow, possibly something a little darker like saffron, but be careful, especially if your complexion is olive. Treat yourself to neon yellow, it’s super trendy. 
  • For black skin: Wear the yellow you love! Simply avoid fluorescent yellow which will be too “strong” for your complexion. 

What colours to wear with yellow?

Contrary to popular belief, yellow is super easy to combine. As a primary colour, it goes with almost all other colours. Well, that obviously doesn’t mean that you have to wear everything at the same time, but rather that you are quite free in association if you wear a yellow dress.

The advice to always match: choose colours of the same intensity: a pastel yellow with a pastel water green for example, not a lemon yellow with pastel pink.

We give you some ideas of colours that will go well with a yellow dress  :

  • all the blues
  • forest green
  • water green
  • Khaki
  • all the oranges
  • Purple
  • all pink 
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey

Do not hesitate to wear more than one colour with your yellow dress, you will be even chicer! But stick to 3, otherwise, beware of the “clown” effect. 

Let’s not forget either that yellow goes extremely well with many patterns, especially yellow dress + zebra combination.

How to wear a yellow dress to be stylish?

You’ve guessed it, the secret to a hot and trendy look in a yellow dress is to be daring! Dare to combine colours and dare to be noticed! We give you all our advice. 

What shoes with a yellow dress?

What to put on your feet to enhance your beautiful yellow dress? Honestly, pretty much whatever you want, as long as it’s stylish.

Match your shoe to the style of your dress, and you’ll be fine. We love colour block dad shoes, animal print sneakers, ultra-chic loafers, patent derbies, pointed-toe pumps.

We have a little doubt about the yellow dress + boots or ankle boots combo because yellow is a colour that is more easily worn in spring or summer than in winter, but it is not strictly prohibited. 

With which jacket to wear the yellow dress?

What matters to match a jacket to your yellow dress is more the cut of the latter than its colour, so choose accordingly. Know that the denim jacket, the leather perfecto, the overcoat or the blazer are very good options.

We slip you a look idea in passing: a yellow dress with a royal blue overcoat and zebra pumps, worthy of a Fashion Week. 

What jewellery is trendy in yellow?

On the jewellery side, we bet on rather soft and elegant things: a few jewellery bars in the hair, thin bracelets or cuffs, resin earrings. Adapt your jewellery to the style you want to give to your yellow dress. 

Beauty look: what do you do with a yellow dress?

When you wear a yellow dress, it is better to have a light hand on the beautiful look. The yellow dress is already a strong piece, no need to do tons of hair, makeup and manicure. We recommend an effortless and natural look and red or nude nail polish on your hands. 



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