What are the benefits of using Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia application for sharing photos, videos, texts, and drawings. It helps people to stay connected with each other despite their locations. People can send pictures or videos, called Snaps, to their friends on Snapchat. These Snaps disappear after the recipients view them. In addition, there’s a “Chat” option on Snapchat, just like WhatsApp. The difference is that these chats disappear after viewing, unlike Whatsapp.

People using Snapchat tend to fall for Snapchat scams because of their ignorance. Sadly, they end up losing their wealth. Therefore, people should educate themselves regarding these scams and the tricks used by the scammers to cheat people.

Creating a Snapchat account:

The procedure to create a Snapchat account is as follows:

  1. First visit the Snapchat website.
  2. As soon as you visit the Snapchat website, you’ll find an option called “New to Snapchat.” Next, click on the “Sign up” option situated beside the “New to Snapchat” option.
  3. After that, enter your name and a username.
  4. Create a solid and secure password that is easy to remember.
  5. Enter your valid email address and also your date of birth.
  6. You can verify your Snapchat account to keep it secure by first downloading the Snapchat app on your smartphone, and then verifying your mobile number.
  7. Afterwards, you can use the username and password to access “Ads manager” on Snapchat. With the help of the Ads manager feature, you can perform advertising on Snapchat.
Ads Manager on Snapchat:

Ads manager is a tool present on Snapchat which permits you to create and handle your Snapchat ads. Ads manager is the place where you can also create, update, and check the performance of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads. With the help of Ads Manager, you can manage all of your ad settings in one place. The settings include ad accounts, members and their roles, billing, and payments.

Creating an Ad account on Snapchat:

The process to create a Snapchat ad account is as follows:

  1. Visit the “Ads Manager” section on Snapchat. Then you should click the menu situated at the top corner and choose the “Ad accounts” option.
  2. After that, click on the “+New Ad account” option.
  3. Provide the details of your advertiser.
  4. Click on the “Account Details” option and fill up the information about your ad account.
  5. Afterwards, click on the “create account” option. Your ad account will get created, and you can see it in the “ad accounts” segment of the Ads manager.
  6. Determine if you would like to utilize an existing payment option or you can generate a new one. Next, press on the “Save Payment” method.
  7. Choose a member you have invited to the business to add to the ad account.
  8. After creating your ad account, you can log in to “Ads manager” and launch ads.

People can enjoy the following benefits with Snapchat.

  1. You can promote the products or services related to your business visually and virtually. With the help of geofilters and texts, your posts will be the key to attracting customers to your brand.
  2. Snapchat is an excellent platform to market your products or services because you can connect with your real-time audience.
  3. The auto-delete feature in Snapchat deletes anything that you share. That’s the specialty of the auto-delete feature on Snapchat.
  4. There are many filters on Snapchat that you can choose to express yourselves and how you really feel.
  5. People can only view your Snapchat stories once.
  6. People can shoot quick videos with their friends or relatives without having to wait for any responses or developments.
  7. By setting a time limit, people can keep the sent messages private.
  8. You can easily connect with your friends or relatives living far away from you.
  9. Another benefit of Snapchat is that people can send short messages that can be accessed and shared easily with others.
  10. Snapchat is accessible to people of all age groups.
  11. You can create new and creative content with Snapchat.
Threats on Snapchat- Snapchat Scams:

Snapchat scams are taking place just like any other scams. These are dangerous and mostly target Snapchat users. But you might be wondering why these scams are happening. The reason is that the Snapchat scammers use dirty tricks such as blackmailing and extortion, messaging from fake accounts, etc., to trap Snapchat users for money.

Types of Snapchat Scams:

Listed below are the types of Snapchat Scams.

Phishing Snapchat frauds:

In this fraud, the scammers send you emails and give you many reasons as to why you should log into your Snapchat account. These emails will also have an attached link to help you easily “log in to your Snapchat account”. When you press on that link, it takes you to a website that’ll look similar to the original Snapchat login screen. But in reality, it is a fake link to Snapchat that’ll hack your Snapchat login details as soon as you enter them.

For example, you’ll get an email from someone requesting you to log in to your Snapchat account because you are required to immediately change your password. A link attached in that email will  permit you to conveniently login to your Snapchat account. However, when you click on that link, it leads you to a website that looks like the original Snapchat login screen. After some time, you’ll realize that your Snapchat account has been hacked and that the email and link sent were both fake as you can’t login to your Snapchat account anymore.

Chain messages Fraud:

The scammers pretend to be an official Snapchat team in the chain messaging fraud. Next, they send threatening messages to you by mentioning about the deletion of your photos on Snapchat or leaking of your inappropriate images to the public if you don’t post, forward, or share their message. Afterwards, this message gets sent by the victims because everyone fears their photos being deleted or made visible to the public.

Preventing Snapchat scams:

Mentioned below are some of the preventive measures of Snapchat Scams.

  1. If you get a message on Snapchat mentioning that you’re the winner when you did not enter any contest, ignore it.
  2. Disregard any email or message from Snapchat that requests you to log in to your Snapchat account just because something is wrong with your account.
  3. Please download the official Snapchat app from the app store available on Android phones or iPhone app store.
  4. If anyone asks you to pay for specific services or so-called advertising opportunities, ignore them.
  5. Do not click on any links from emails or messages from Snapchat if you doubt those links are fake.
  6. Remember to educate yourself about Snapchat scams and their warning signs.

People using Snapchat should remember to gain knowledge about Snapchat frauds and their warning signals. Additionally, they should protect their Snapchat accounts so that fraudsters can’t access them.


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