What Are the Best Glass Head Shops Near Me?

I’m sure if you’re acquainted with the world of smoke shops and head shops, then you’ve been to your fair share of them whether trying to buy new accessories, going in with your friends, or checking out the new one that just opened up close to you. No matter what the reason is for your familiarity with head shops, there is one thing that almost every head shop has in common. They’ve usually got shelves, upon shelves, showcasing a selection of glass pieces.

More often than not, many smoke shops that sell smoking accessories will have a hefty and diverse selection of glass pipes to choose from. These can range from small glass hand pipes, glass bowls, glass bubblers, and even range in size to as big as a bong. No matter what you’re in a head shop for, there’s a big chance you’ll spend some of your time there perusing the different display cases, just checking out what glass pieces that have for sale.

But why do all of these shops have so many different types of glass pieces? Like sometimes it may even seem to be in excess. There’s a good reason for it. Glass is one of the best materials to smoke out of. Most smokers will only use glass pieces to smoke out of, and for good reason.

The main reason why glass is the most common type of material used to smoke out of is simply that it’s the cleanest material you can find to smoke with. Nothing really happens when you smoke with glass beside it heating up a little bit. Unlike other kinds of materials like some metals or even wood, it doesn’t give off any vapors or excess smoke. If you’re going to smoke, glass is the healthiest thing for your body to smoke out of.

Other materials can actually end up contaminating your weed and mess with the overall flavor and effect that you are trying to achieve by smoking. The other great thing about smoking with glass is just the sheer variety of different kinds of pipes you can find.

If you’re a newcomer in the world of cannabis, then you might want to start out small. It’s not really within your best interest to go big or home in this kind of situation. We suggest not grabbing the first glass bong you see in the head shop, since you wouldn’t have had much experience.

Opt for a smaller glass pipe or a bowl. These are specifically made to create small, yet manageable hits that can be a good way to build yourself up for bigger glass pieces in the future. All in all, when you head into a smoke shop, there is a reason why most of the smoking accessories, water pipes, and dab rigs you can find in the store are glass.

So, if you’re now in the market for a new glass pipe or bong, but are looking for a new head shop to buy them from, you’re in luck. The Hip Cat Smoke shop is home to a great selection of all the glass pieces you can find.

If you’re located in South Florida, specifically Fort Lauderdale, then you’re in even more luck. Shop in-store or online for the best deals on your new favorite smoking accessory to smoke with yourself or with your friends.

Check out their website at thehipcatsmokeshop.com to get started on your search. If you cant find them online, simply search, “best glass head shops near me,” and it should pop right up.

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