What Can You Do if You Get Attacked by a Dog?

What Can You Do if You Get Attacked by a Dog?

You love dogs. A dog can attack you for various reasons, be it fear of you, territorialism, or protecting its puppies. If you know your rights and understand how to act in case of an attack, these situations are not as scary as they seem. Let’s get acquainted with some basic tips on what to do if you get attacked by a dog so that there are no second thoughts in case such a situation arises:


Consult a lawyer and file a police complaint

If the dog bites you or if it kills anyone, you will want to file a police complaint. Do not file a complaint immediately after the incident. It would be best if you gave yourself time to process the situation before filing a complaint, so don’t go overboard. If you get bitten, look for a good dog bite lawyer who can file a complaint on your behalf. You can also consult with your insurance company and ask them if they provide any extra coverage in such situations. If they don’t, you can file a separate insurance claim against the city where the dog lives.


If all else fails, use your pepper spray on the dog

If the dog is attacking you and there is no way of stopping it, use pepper spray to distract the dog. Most dogs hate the burning sensation that pepper spray creates. So, the moment you spray it, the dog will probably try to escape the pepper spray and leave you alone. Pepper spray is your best option if the dog tries to attack you. You can also use it to escape if you are ever caught in a situation where the dog is guarding an area and won’t let you go.


Try to find the owner of the attacking dog and ask for help

If the dog is attacking you, try to find the dog’s owner and ask for help. The dog might have been trained to guard the area it lives in and might not let you go. If you can find the dog’s owner, you will have a higher chance of surviving such a situation. Don’t go alone when you decide to confront the dog’s owner. Take a friend or a family member with you so that they can back you up. When you find the dog’s owner, ask them to control their dog so that it leaves you alone. You should talk to the authorities if the owner refuses to help you.


Identify the Dog’s Owner and Contact Them

You have found the dog’s owner, but they are not willing to help. What should you do now? Well, you can try to contact the owner by using a piece of paper or a writing pad and ask them to bring a leash for their dog so that it calms down. If the owner doesn’t help you even after trying to contact them, you should contact the authorities. If the dog is attacking you and the owner is not doing anything to help you, then you can call the authorities and report the dog as dangerous.


Running is your best option

If the dog attacks you, don’t try to fight it or run away. You might get bitten even more if you try to fight back. Instead, run away as fast as you can. Dogs chase after humans because they want to catch them. So, when you start running, the dog will stop chasing you and return to its owner. If you have a dog with you barking at the attacking dog, don’t try to calm it.



Dogs are our best friends, and we all love having them around. But a dog can attack you for various reasons, and it’s good to know how to deal with the situation. If you get attacked by a dog, it’s important to stay calm and find a way to escape the situation. If all else fails, use pepper spray to protect yourself, and call the authorities to report the dog.


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