What Is the Best Way to Set Up A Surround Sound System?

What Is the Best Way to Set Up A Surround Sound System?

The term Surround sound is used to describe an audio system arrangement with the help of several speakers positioned around the user for an enhanced immersive audio experience. When you are using a surround sound system, you’ll be able to observe sounds coming from various directions.

The first digit of a sound system will tell you the number of speakers included in the LG home theatre system, and the second number will inform you how many subwoofers the home theatre includes. For instance, best 2.1 home theatre consists of two speakers and one subwoofer.

If you spot an audio system model that features two numbers after the decimal point, such as a 5.2 system, this means that it comes with two subwoofers. Getting an additional subwoofer can make the bass sound more even. Otherwise, it could be louder on one end when the speaker system uses a single subwoofer. If you choose to get an audio system with two subwoofers, they should be kept on opposite sides of the display screen.

Every speaker in a surround sound home theatre serves distinct functions and should be placed in a specific position to provide the best audio output possible. These are the various kinds of surround sound systems, what each speaker can do, and the best way to set each in a particular way:

2.1 Channel Sound System

A 2.1 home theatre includes two front speakers to provide stereo sound, and a subwoofer provides deep bass. It is recommended to place the front speakers on the left and right sides at an angle of 22-30 degrees, and the subwoofer must be placed in the middle of the floor. Try to keep the two satellite speakers (stereo channels) two to three feet away from the wall and at the ear level for a better audio experience.  

Tip- Avoid placing the subwoofer in the corner as it might create an echo.

5.1 Surround Sound System

It comes with a subwoofer, two front speakers, two surround speakers and a centre channel. It would be best to position the two surround speakers behind the user at a 110–120-degree angle.

It can be called a “true” surround sound setup since it covers the user with sound from all directions. The Dolby Digital, as well as Dolby DTS, are compatible with a 5.1 system.

7.1 Surround Sound Home Theatre

The 7.1 surround sound system comes with a subwoofer, two front speakers, two surround speakers, a centre channel, and two rear speakers. With this system, you should position rear speakers behind the user at a 135-150-degree angle and place the surround speakers on both sides of your seating spot at a 90-110-degree angle. This setup offers the most immersive audio experience with cinema theatre-like sound quality and is generally reserved for entertainment or home theatre rooms.

A primary 2.1 home theatre or a good quality LG home theatre can offer you excellent audio output to enhance your sound experience. Still, they also come with lots of wires. You can avoid seeing the piles of wires by opting for a wireless LG home theatre, or simply concealing the wires in the walls will make your room look better.

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