What makes Montessori Schools in Dubai Different from Others?

What makes Montessori Schools in Dubai Different from Others?

A Montessori education refers to an approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori based on extensive research with “phrenasthenic” or “special needs” children. It emphasizes core values like giving freedom to the child within restrictions. Best Montessori schools in Dubai follow an educational framework where they trust and understand a child’s natural psychological, physical and social development.

Montessori nursery schools in Dubai structure foundational years of children with the focus to inculcate the essential elements of learning and thinking in them. The framework of the best Montessori schools in Dubai strives to improve the confidence of students and encourages them to be the best version of themselves.

The curriculum offered by Montessori school Dubai is well designed concerning the present-day needs and requirements and is further facilitated with the latest methodologies and unique learning techniques. It provides opportunities to students to explore themselves at a very initial level which helps mould their learning years ahead.

The main features and activities offered by the best Montessori schools in Dubai are -:

  1. Curriculum – Montessori schools in Dubai have a firm curriculum on what children should learn. Education should be based on creativity, intellectual empowerment and knowledge. It is focused on driving the children to have self-directed learning with due respect to the framework.
  2. Focus on practical learning- For young learners, some things that appear to be “Grown-ups jobs” like washing dishes, cleaning shoes and stripping vegetables are encouraged. These activities are invigorating to youngsters since they permit them to impersonate grown-ups.

Around here in the best schools in Dubai, students are inspired to learn how to conduct themselves according to the circumstances. Students are encouraged to learn skills like following instructions, patience, abiding by sequence, etc through practical everyday experiences. Practical learning also creates a sense of accomplishment and fosters the propensity to do more as they get the satisfaction of fulfilling their responsibility.

Sensorial exercise – The sensorial exercises were planned and designed by Montessori for kids to learn every quality that can be identified by the senses. The best Montessori schools assist kids with recognizing, ordering, and identifying new information.

Kids in Montessori school don’t learn simply through listening,  they also learn through contact, smell, seeing, tasting, and investigating. The Montessori program gives projects that allow kids to learn through their faculties all while including fun and chuckling.

Importance to mathematics– It is suggested by experts time and again that when kids are introduced to mathematics in their early years, they do better with the study of number-crunching.

Children at Montessori schools are introduced to mathematics early on and they learn to figure out ways to play out these tasks with stuff like squares, number bars and globules in a fun and more retainable way. These abilities get sharper and better at the later stage of life.

Elements of language arts – Language is an important part of the list of basic skills a student should learn. So, Montessori schools in Dubai largely focus on rhymes, games, and group discussions with friends and classmates as it helps in fostering language abilities.

From the very first day, kids are guided and tactfully introduced to the magic of words and sentences.  When the time is right, the little scholars are urged to go through books for replies to their queries and find their own answers. In addition to the essential Montessori materials, activities and exercises are conducted to cultivate language skills in kids.

Learning accessories- The classes are usually conducted with paper and pencil. Montessori schools in Dubai create an opportunity for kids to learn with interesting and exciting accessories that implement the idea of learning while having fun.

Projects, models, Art, and Craft, all of these are considered a very important part of the learning program. The schools provide the right deal of encouragement through well-maintained Libraries, laboratories, etc. to make the learning process more encouraging and the lessons more retainable.

Broader curriculum – Montessori schools in Dubai are a lot more extensive than other education programs. The Montessori program in the best schools introduces something beyond the regular essentials.

As a matter of primary importance, it has activities to nurture the child’s learning capabilities, enhance their motor skills (engine improvement), and also be socially skilled. Thus, the program focuses on ensuring that the students turn into responsible and well-learned individuals.

So, it’s fair to say that children in Montessori schools are likely to stay a few steps ahead of their grade level in terms of their both academic and non-academic skills.

Since the Montessori schools in Dubai follow a comprehensive curriculum, children often possess exceptional knowledge and are also socially appreciated. Experience and research both indicate that children attending Montessori schools in Dubai tend to be more competent, self-disciplined, socially well adjusted, and happy.


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