What to Look for in a Black Owned App Development Company

What to Look for in a Black Owned App Development Company

The CBD market is one of the fastest growing consumer industries, with more and more players jumping on board.

To stand out from the competition, whether you’re a new CBD start-up or an established company, your company needs to develop a solid marketing strategy. With over 60 percent of CBD sales coming from e-commerce, a strong online presence combined with innovative marketing and proven strategies will be the key to success in this growing industry.

In this article, we discuss current CBD marketing laws and how you can successfully (and legally) promote your cannabis products.

Growing CBD market

Increasing customer demand has turned the once underground world of CBD into a multi-billion dollar industry. By 2024, sales of CBD products are expected to reach $16 million in the US alone, and about 40 percent of adults show an interest in trying CBD products.

Many CBD users find that the product improves well-being, improves health, and promotes relaxation. The various uses of CBD products have made it a coveted product in many industries, making marketing more important than ever.

However, the road to success is not smooth – government regulations and rules for advertising platforms present a challenge to CBD marketers.

Marijuana Advertising Terms

While it may be tempting to promote CBD as a medicinal product, the FDA requires companies to avoid inappropriate medical claims, especially since reputable research into CBD’s effectiveness is still limited.

Another complication is the advertising restrictions on many popular advertising platforms. A summary of the advertising rules in effect at the time of writing can be found here.

CBD ads from Google

Promoting CBD in Google Ads may result in your advertising account being closed. That may change in the future, however, as Google is reportedly testing the waters with CBD ads.

CBD ad on Facebook

Facebook bans the advertising of cannabis-derived products. But on June 26, 2019, Facebook lifted the ban on hemp products and allowed the promotion of local hemp products. Note: Be aware of these regulations as they may change at any time.

CBD Twitter Ads

Twitter does not allow the promotion of illegal drugs, recreational drugs, and herbal medicines. While CBD is not psychoactive, various state laws regarding its legality make it illegal at the federal level.

What is successful cannabis marketing?

An effective CBD marketing strategy is to attract customers to your products and keep them interested in your brand. Key elements of your strategy should include:

New customer acquisition

The opportunities in the CBD market are huge. 68 percent of American adults have never tried CBD products, which gives companies the opportunity to increase their appeal, learn about CBD, and expand their brand reach.

Create an attention-grabbing brand

As more brands move to CBD fashion, brand differentiation will be the key to your success. A strong brand gives your company credibility and adds value to your customers.

Download our whitepaper for practical tips on building a profitable CBD business and gaining market share.

Customer loyalty

A customer’s lifetime spend is valuable to any e-commerce business. Acquiring a regular customer is less costly than a new customer, and it’s also more costly. Because CBD is good for repeat business, successful customer loyalty means creating a brand that keeps customers coming back.

CBD advertising strategies

To win and retain customers, you need to be able to win them over. Marketing CBD requires you to use alternative channels and then target your customers with confidence and quality.

  1. Invest in cbd content writer marketing

You can highlight attractive cbd content writer in the eyes of your customers. Use comprehensive guides, videos, testimonials and surveys to build your reputation and build your brand authority.

Blogs, in particular, are an effective way to convey information and communicate with your customers. Coupled with a solid SEO strategy, your cbd content writer can turn cold leads into visitors and build trust with your customers, which is more important than ever.


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