What You Should Know Before Buying Used Powered Speakers

Some deals are very hard to pass up. When you are out looking for good speakers or monitors, you want to know if they can deliver high-quality sound at the right level for your venue or particular needs. There is no point buying used powered speakers that cannot be pushed to their limit without hearing some kind of fuzz or crackling.

So, let´s go over some basic advice.

Listen to the Speakers
We know most transactions nowadays happen online, and the best deals are not always within driving distance. But you have to know that listening is key in this business. No matter how much the seller insists that the speakers are in perfect condition, only you know if they will be able to deliver the sound you are looking for.

If you have the opportunity to visit the seller, give the equipment a good listen at a loud volume, and check for hissing, pops, distortion, or anything that sounds off. Do so by turning some knobs up and down, and checking important switches. This will give you an idea of how much you might have to spend if you plan on refurbishing the hardware.

Buy From Audiophiles
Yes, we know there are hidden treasures collecting dust in the attics of unsuspecting homeowners. But again, you might not be able to check the speaker’s condition by yourself. Audiophiles tend to be better judges when it comes to the condition and quality of what they´re selling, so they will provide a proper assessment of speakers, amplification, and connectors. Non-connoisseurs often don’t know if there are problems with drivers or signals as they are unable to recognize the most common giveaways.

Ask How The Speakers Have Been Treated
Many owners won´t give you a straight answer when you ask them if their speakers have experienced any kind of abuse. They want to make a quick sale. However, there are ways to find out if the equipment has had a rough life.

We normally ask people what kind of use the speakers had, and find vital information about previous owners, past repairs, or even if they have toured around the country. Touring speakers sometimes sustain heavy abuse from drops or beer spillage. Or they are driven too hot for long periods, causing gradual wear of the drivers. This takes us to the last, but most important point.

Compare The Cost Of New Vs Used
This one aspect helps you put your investment in perspective. Maybe you think you´re shaving off a couple of hundred dollars from a nice set of speakers. However, you might not be getting any warranty for them, or you might have to spend a bit more than what you saved to have them checked and restored.

Don´t get me wrong. There are many situations where buying used powered speakers makes a lot of sense. But you should always make sure you are getting value for your money, and getting new speakers is often the wiser choice.

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