What You’ll Love about the KWA Airsoft Ronin M Series

For well over a decade, KWA Airsoft has been a leader in the field, both figuratively and literally. In the market for quality airsoft replicas for law enforcement and military training and simulation purposes, KWA is respected as a leader, and its equipment is carried with pride and confidence on airsoft fields in matches across the United States.

Quality, ingenuity and advances in technology utterly define the brand, and it’s hard to find airsoft products that can rival this leading manufacturer of airsoft replicas. Yet, in customary fashion, they continuously set the bar higher and higher for themselves, as they have with the KWA Airsoft Ronin Series – here’s just a little of what you’ll love about the Ronin M-Series in particular.

-Electronic Recoil through their Kinetic Feedback System
Continuously raising the bar for realism and an engaging experience, the Ronin M-series creates simulated Electronic Recoil through their proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. Realism is the name of the game, and with each pull of the trigger, you’ll get that satisfying simulation of a kick – exciting in semi-automatic mode and even more so in fully auto.

-Mew M-LOK handguards, more ergonomic stocks
Many of the AEG platforms in KWA Airsoft’s Ronin Series feature improved and enhanced M-LOK handguards that are more comfortable than Picatinny rail systems and boast as much space if not pot. Plus, if you have a Pic-specific attachment, just get an adapter for your rail and you’ll be set.

The KWA Ronin M-Series also features 3 different ergonomic stocks, EPS, Tanker and Crane Models. The EPS model is made with DupontTM ZytelⓇ Polymer for enhanced resistance to wear and abuse. The Tanker model is a 3-position stock with metal guides and a battery compartment, easy to adjust for a custom-fit length of full. As for the classic Crane stock, it is a 6-position retractable stock with battery housing with which you can get a custom-like fit.

-Interchangeability of parts
Looking to customize or personalize your airsoft gun however you choose? With KWA Airsoft intercompatibility of parts, that’s easier than it’s ever been. Users can easily swap out the upper receivers of an KWA AEG 2.5 or AEG 3, in order to create a custom experience.

-Improved trigger contact lifespan
Many KWA Airsoft Ronin models have a Switch Life Extender to minimize wear on trigger contacts, extending the lifespan of your machine. In some instances, this Switch Life Extender can increase the lifespan of the trigger contacts by up to 400%.

-Rotary hop up systems
An adjustable hop up system enables you to refine the accuracy and range of your airsoft gun through the Magnus Effect, which puts backspin on an airsoft BB, enabling it to reach greater distances. Many KWA products take adjustability a step further, with some KWA airsoft guns, like the airsoft rifles in the Ronin M-Series line, featuring a rotary hop up system. Not simply adjustable, rotary hop up systems allow for more precise adjustments for ultimate control over range and accuracy.

-Raw power, high torque motors
The Ronin M-Series AEGs feature high-quality gear boxes and high torque motors. Some of them can attain muzzle velocities of up to nearly 400 FPS. High torque motors not only enable higher speeds, but also provide better trigger response and optimize power consumption.

-And more
This short post only scratches the surface of the ingenuity and innovation of the AEG rifles in the KWA Airsoft Ronin M-Series line. To learn more about them, visit MiR Tactical at MiRTactical.com, where you’ll be able to take your pick of high performance airsoft replica weapons like these and countless others. Visit their website today or contact them at 800-581-6620 for more information.

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