What’s Valuable in a Clown Circus Bike?

So you’re thinking of taking up trick riding, and you want to find yourself a quality clown circus bike that’s as tough as you are. Maybe you want to impress a crowd, maybe you simply want to expand your list of personal achievements, and maybe you’re a die-hard cyclist looking for a new peak to summit.

Either way, a clown circus bike (a quality model, at least) can help you accomplish any and all of those objectives. For example, Circus Vazquez is known for having stunt riders who ride high-quality bikes and perform amazing stunts. You just need to choose a clown that is anything but a clown in terms of quality. Take, for instance, the Hoppley 20” Circus Bike available online at Unicycle.com. It’s quality incarnate.

Wheels That Rotate Independently of Each Other
If you’re going to practice trick riding with a clown circus bike (and who isn’t?) then you’re going to want to look for a model with wheels that rotate independently of each other. The Hoppley Circus Bike mentioned above has that.

Envision it this way: You can spin the handlebars at the front all the way around. This is normal for some bikes as it has the potential to improve handling and maneuverability. The thing is, with this clown circus bike, the saddle that sits atop the rear wheel can also be spun 360 degrees around, just like the front handlebar, but independently of it.

Crank Arms That Connect to the Hub Axle
If you get familiar with the Hoppley Circus Bike we’re talking about, you’ll also notice that the crank arms are attached to the hub axle, which is another beneficial attribute of a clown circus bike. Actually, plenty of them don’t have chain drives. Only a few “odd cycles” like giraffe unicycles, sometimes do. Even then, the only reason they occasionally have chain drives is that there’d be no way for a rider to reach the pedals otherwise.

The lack of a chain drive might be off-putting to some riders because it reduces the potential top speed of a cycle, but the thing is that speed shouldn’t necessarily be a priority in a clown bike. This isn’t a racing bike, and you’ll get much more control over the cycle with crank arms that attach directly to the hub axle.

Rock-Solid Construction
If you take up the challenge of learning some new tricks with a circus bike, expect a few unplanned dismounts. That is, spills, tumbles, falls – whatever you call it, they’re going to happen and you need to get right back in the saddle when they do.

This particular circus bike is tough enough to hang with the trials of learning, as it sports a steel frame and tough, singlewall steel rims. It’ll get right back up with you.

The Extras
In addition to the features mentioned above, this clown circus bike also sports steel stunt pegs at the front. Interested in performing BMX-style stunts? Try them on this bike – you might even be able to get another rider to try some tricks out with you.

Trying a Different Circus Clown Bike?
If you’re thinking about a miniature bicycle when you hear the term “clown circus bike,” then Unicycle.com still has something unique for you to try out. The UDC Mini Bike available on their website is also a tough little bike with a steel frame, solid rubber tires, and overall rock-solid construction. It may take some getting used to, but anyone can ride it, and if turning heads is your aim, this little bike may be just what you need.


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