Which Knife Handle Works Best For My Grip?

The part of a knife which is often overlooked than not, the handle—ultimately matters than what you actually thought it should be. Most people who are shopping for a good quality knife don’t really take into consideration its handle. They are more invested in the design of the blade, the metal used to forge it, if it is lightweight or a little heavier, but not much of an opinion about its handle. This is usually the case for those who just bought their first top-quality knife. They’d be so proud looking at that sleek design and that super sharp tang but what they fail to realize is that they spend most of their strength on the handle. Typically you can never tell how a knife feels to you, its grip, durability, and overall comfort upon use without feeling the handle. If you miss this detail, then more likely you will have to buy new scales that will give a better grip.

Knife handles vary according to the type of material used on the knife. All of which could be the right fit for your grip. They also come in various designs that might come beneficial to you. For example, you want a survival knife that can injure any harmful moving living thing in the wild, you would want to fix yourself a nice blade first. What you should also know is that the handle butt of a knife handle is super helpful for survival, if you’re not up for cutting anything, you can always hit them with the angular butt of the handle. Maybe you’re using a bushcraft knife, you want your knife to have a handle that has a rounded butt, this way, you can easily use it as a pestle for garlic or other vegetables. Check out these various handle materials and see which one you think works for you.

For any knife enthusiast, experienced or new, you could say that a knife with a wooden handle looks aesthetically beautiful and classic. And when it comes to ergonomics, wooden knife handles perform so much better because of their textured grip and durable composition. It can also be carved into different shapes according to your own preference

A knife with a metal handle was the typical choice for most cooks since they are highly durable and easily maintained especially if they come in stainless steel material. They are also rust and corrosion resistant perfect for any damp kitchen. However, metal handles have since caused a lot of accidents in the kitchen since their smooth surface is highly susceptible to slipping.

Since the innovation of technology in making knife handles, Micarta has been the popular choice because of its ability to provide electrical insulation. It is also lightweight but incredibly durable and virtually unbreakable. The only downside to a Micarta handle is that it is ultra-smooth and slippery. Although, you can always add a surface texture so you can always use it that would be an extra expense.

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