Why Are EDC Knives So Beneficial For Me?

First things first, EDC knives are not survival knives of any kind. It’s with you for a reason, and that is to help you carry out simple, everyday tasks conveniently. They are very convenient if they come in folding and are not fixed. A folding EDC pocket knife is easier to carry if it can easily fit right into your little pocket. That way, it will be much more complicated to take it out when there’s a need for you to do a task that requires the sharpness of a blade such as opening a mail or cutting knots and tags. Knives like this can be legally carried around along with your pen and eyeglasses, anything bigger or longer would require an application for permission to carry.

Why should you carry a knife every day? Here’s what you need to know:

Millions of years ago, early humans invented large cutting tools made from stone. A hundred years later, the stone tools have evolved through incorporating pointy ends to help prepare hide, wood fire, and spears. In the present time, we’re using different kinds of knives to perform different sets of tasks. If we’re out in the woods, we can either bring a bushcraft knife or a survival knife, whichever you think fits best according to your needs. But for everyday tasks, even the most simple ones would require a pointy end or a sharp blade. Nothing too lethal, just enough to make life a whole lot easier for you. And that is an Everyday Carry knife.

There are days when you need to cut or open something and you often get annoyed since your teeth wouldn’t suffice and let’s face it, that’s highly unsanitary. So you look for a pair of scissors. Of course, who would carry around such bulky objects in their bag? Not you, for sure. You’ll probably never had a single day when there’s no need for you to cut or open something. Everything is sealed in all places nowadays, chips, that itchy clothing label, or that dirt inside your nail you’re eager to remove. For tasks like this, a fine quality EDC is a good thing to carry with you at all times. Convenience at its finest.

Now that we have covered some beneficial things this knife can do to your everyday life, let’s check a few essential things to consider in choosing the best one for you.

The Blade
EDC knives should be first and foremost, durable. You don’t want your knife to bend on you while opening a perfectly sealed box. The blade should also be less than 3 inches and nothing longer if it’s meant to be used only for the simple task mentioned above. There are different choices of blades to choose from for an EDC, it could be titanium, stainless steel, or ceramic blades which doesn’t cause a lot of stress since they offer both non-conductive and non-magnetic factors.

The Size
Just as was previously mentioned, this type of knife should come in a legal size allowed by your state. You just have to personally feel the knife to see how it can benefit you every day. Anything in exaggeration will be rendered useless to work with every day, if it’s too large or too small, the convenience you’re looking for in an everyday carry will ultimately fail.

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