Why Buy a Used MacBook Pro?

Everyone knows that Apple manufactures premium high-end products, and keeps quantities low so they are able to keep selling them for premium prices. Unlike their PC counterparts, Apple offers very limited options for consumers on a budget, which in turn increases the demand for their high performance options. Even if you are planning to buy a used MacBook Pro, you will notice that prices never seem to go down.

For those who don’t yet own Apple products, this usually feels like big tech is taking advantage of users. However, the strategy has proven to be a boon for those who dared taking a leap of faith and became unwavering Apple fans.

When you acquire an Apple Mac, you know that your investment won´t lose as much value as a PC would. That’s why their prices remain relatively steady for years,

While that is a good argument for buying a brand new Mac computer, there are strong reasons to buy a used MacBook Pro.

For one, new MacBooks are costly, and if you find you need to pump up the specs for better performance, you will find that things can get out of control real soon. They have this unmovable $200 rule for any upgrade you want to make when ordering a new product.

For example, if you want to take your RAM from 8gb to 16gb, that is $200. Fancy a more powerful processor? That´s $200. Want to take that two steps up the ladder? Make it an even $400.

While it is worth having the latest most powerful tool for the job, there are ways to save money in that department. You can pay the price of an entry-level computer for a used high-end MacBook Pro and stay ahead of the curve for a couple of years.

Which brings me to another topic: MacBooks will last a lot longer than PCs, both laptops and desktops. Their aluminum chassis and their premium parts can last you over a decade without failing. Moreover, unlike their PC counterparts, new operating system versions can bring a new life to your aging Mac. One example of this is the macOS Mavericks that reduced RAM requirements close to 50%, making old Macs with 4gb RAM run smoothly.

This resilience also contributes to the value retention properties Macs have. Their internal components, and this includes rechargeable batteries, will give a stable performance for years to come. When the time comes to sell your old machine you will realize you will still be able to pocket some of that investment back, and even finance an updated computer.

One other area where you might benefit from having an older model is peripherals. Newer Mac products have limited their ports to USB-C only. Don´t get me wrong, these ports are amazing and their performance is light years ahead of the still ubiquitous USB-A type ports.

However, external device manufacturers will not adopt USB-C unless the masses embrace them. Older models still take USB-A devices, allowing you to use your old peripherals, and even some of the newer gadgets, like high capacity storage drives or gaming keyboards, still use the old reliable port.

No matter how you slice it, buying a used MacBook Pro makes a lot of sense whether you are an experienced Mac user or someone who wants to find out why Apple has such a fervent follower base. If you are looking for the best deals on Apple products, visit Mac of All Trades. They carry the widest variety of carefully refurbished MacBooks and offer you the best experience possible. If you want to buy a MacBook Pro that offers incredible performance for years, They have exactly what you need.

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