Why Does French Country Design Never Go Out of Style?

For those who are wondering if the French country decor will ever go out of style, we’ll have you know that it never will and it’s even gotten more popular this year. While the modern look of minimalism seems to have helped most of us in decluttering our homes to give them a more in-style vibe, French country decor is the total opposite thing. It is dedicated to making our homes feel more welcoming and nostalgic at the same time. The rustic furniture items and wooden beams together with whitewashed walls make us feel comfortable with notes of unpretentious casual elegance. The color palette of soft pastels across classic wallpaper, a curated collection of repurposed items, and expensive antiques all live and breathe French country decor. If you plan to redo your kitchen into French-style kitchen counters you have to have that French-style dining table as well, if you want harmony in things.

The French country design is also a style which you can take with you anywhere you settle. Whether it’s in the city or in the suburbs, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility that never exists outside your humble abode if you choose to bring French country interior design with you. For most people, it doesn’t really take much effort to French-up your house, you just have to follow a certain formula to achieve that flaw that makes everything flawless. And if a French-style dining table is what it takes for other things to fall right into place then, here’s more of what you need to know.

Keeping It All Natural
When you hear rustic design, it means bare weathered, raw wood materials you will see in ceilings, natural stone walls, and wooden floors that causes creaking or clacking noises as you walk through the surface. And as for the perfectly imperfect thing the French country design has got going on, those noises sum up the natural, rough, and casual design style that makes everything seem right. If we’re talking furniture pieces particularly in the dining room, you will find that a French-style dining table has a subtle distressed finish which is not something you should be concerned about.

Another thing you should know about French country design is the curves and intricate French pattern that adds a flowing feel to the space. Gone are the perfectly polished and finished furniture items, with French-style tables and chairs, you will notice the little imperfections that seem so natural and lived-in. Although, you might also find that comfort is unmistakably evident in these furniture items especially the chairs and the beds with great upholstery and plush cushions that hug your body parts.

Weathered Elegance
This is just basically a continuation of how French county design seems to exhibit the all-natural feel. Contrary to what you see in most Parisian movies, French country designs incorporate the whitewashed and distressed look of natural materials such as wood and neutral color palettes on walls. The French country look is every little bit of weathered look that exudes elegance with a rustic feel which totally makes everything else charming and familiar.

Furniture items are the critical element for French country decor ideas. French country style is classic and unceasing it never really goes out of style and it is here wherever you go, no matter how many trends you’re going to follow. The interior design of the French country reflects a deep-rooted connection to familial love and nature.

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