Why don’t we travel?

I still do not understand why there are people who do not like to travel.

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It’s respectable, really, but I think they’re in a kind of comfortable bubble, let’s call it an emotional comfort zone, where they find reasons to “not move.”

The causes for which we do not travel also exist and there are fundamentally two, external and internal.

The external ones are evident, we cannot travel if we do not have money, time, or means to do so. But the internal ones are surmountable, such as fear, motivation, expectations, reasons, …

Here is a video where, I hope, you find reasons and see that traveling can be one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

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The reasons are incalculable because they depend on each person. You travel to break with the routine, to take distance from the everyday, to know and experience new cultures first-hand, to see “that” temple or monument that has made you sigh when admiring it in photos.

You also travel to meet people, to get to know yourself, to know your own limits and even to blur them and draw them “a little further.” You travel for adrenaline, for the love of travel, for pleasure of the unknown and for fear of the unknown. You travel simply because …

Because you like it.

There are no borders in your imagination or in your desires and there should be no borders in your reality. Because you deserve it. Because “later” can – and usually is – “never.” Because the time is now. Because sometimes your profession or trade does not fulfill or satisfy your deepest desires.

Because the world is bigger, more beautiful, generous and supportive than we are led to believe. Because the cultures that inhabit it are exceptional, unique and you have to know them to understand them and better understand yourself. Because traveling is an exercise in tolerance, patience, daring and insight .

Because traveling gives you wings, gives you freedom, gives you energy, fills you with new ideas and fosters imagination, diversifies the perspective with which you usually look at your world and opens new doors for you.

Because traveling is learning and making mistakes – and vice versa . Traveling frees you from ties: physical, mental, ideological, spiritual, religious, political and social. Because traveling helps you regain the curious and naive look of the girl you once were.

Because it allows you to get out of your comfort zone and face the fear that change engenders. Traveling is transgressing the political and social structure that groups us together and chains us to a routine from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Traveling is a necessity for many, an option for others and a great desire for others.

This website is dedicated precisely to those women in the world who have a great desire and are paralyzed by fear. Fear of leaving everything behind -even if not for a short period of time- fear of not knowing how to function outside of their safe zone, fear of being alone, fear of having a hard time, fear of getting lost, fear of not being found, fear of people, fear of the different, fear that they will not find food “like at home.”

To travel is to expose yourself to a drastic change from habit and repetition. Get up every day in a different place, make concessions with food, forms of transport, schedules, the times of the other.

Traveling allows us to reconcile our culture with that of the other. Traveling is showing your kindest face, it is talking to people with whom you never imagined, from the comfort of your home sofa, that you would ever chat. It is sharing a table with a group of world travelers who have concerns and needs, sometimes similar and sometimes very different from their own.

It is sharing experiences with strangers with the same intimacy with which you tell secrets to a best friend. Traveling is turning strangers into your friends, brothers, confidants. Traveling has its risks, but like all risks, it also has its rewards. When traveling one sharpens mental dexterity, intuition and survival instinct.

Traveling confronts you with the plurality and diversity of our planet, with its cultures and its dramatic nature and, during the trip, you suddenly realize:  you are alive and you are happy.

Traveling, in addition to a right, should be an obligation. Traveling should become a university subject or a complementary training to school, as it was in the past, to learn about other cultures, discover other ways of looking at and facing a reality.

It should be an exercise against the selfishness and chronic individualism of those who live in developed countries. Traveling, dear friends, is an art and it is educational.

Because traveling is living the “now” more than ever. Traveling gives you the only option to be spontaneous and analyze the situations in which you find yourself from new perspectives.

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