Why Everyone Should Have a Fur Beanie in Their Winter Wardrobe

When you are looking for the perfect garments and accessories to best complete your winter wardrobe, the shopping experience can be surprisingly daunting. There are a seemingly infinite number of brands, materials, styles, colors, and other such choices available.

But what if you were to buy something that proved to be uncomfortable over time? Or something that didn’t supply you with the warmth, insulation, and softness you need during those bitter-cold winter months?

That’s where Maximilian and their luxurious real fur offerings come into play. All of their products are made with authentic animal fur of varying types. Each one is created with expert care, so you know what you are getting is legitimate and of the highest quality. Plus, they have everything you need to drape yourself in the best furs from head to toe!

One such offering that deserves its own spotlight is the fur beanie. They have several stunning beanies made of real fur that you could easily add to your winter wardrobe and feel comfortable, cozy, and be absolutely alluring!

Although a lot of people feel they don’t require a fur beanie in their winter wardrobe, we beg to differ! Let’s observe just some of the reasons everyone should have one.

Warm and Can Insulate Your Head
It’s no secret that your head is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, especially to the elements. By keeping a warm and cozy hat on it, however, it can effectively combat the ice-cold wind and snow.

However, not all hats can get this job done as effectively as one made of real fur can. A beanie that is made of authentic animal fur can provide your head with unparalleled warmth, as fur is one of the warmest natural materials we have.

Unique Fashion Statement
Not all hats are created equal. That is why the beanie hat is so special and beloved by all. It is a unique fashion accessory that typically shapes to your head, which not only keeps your head exceptionally warm but also helps in creating a cool and modern look.

When you are looking to spice up your outfit or overall look, you can simply throw on a beanie. Think that your outfit is not nearly as exciting or colorful as you’d like it to be? Grab that fur beanie and throw it on!

A great example of such a beanie would be this knitted rex rabbit hat. The rabbit fur supplies you with optimal insulation, but also a splash of purple and blue amongst black and even a black pom pom on top!

Perfect in a Pinch or a Formal Event
If you are rushing out the door and haven’t had time to perfect your hair, guess what the beanie made of fur can do for you? Cover your head efficiently! Not only will it hide your frizzy or messy hair, but it can also add an exciting element to your outfit.

One idea for this is to throw on your coat, cozy boots, then your beloved fur hat. This hat can not only pull your entire outfit together but also can take away attention from your disheveled look.

Not only is this hat perfect in a pinch, but it is perfect for nearly any event! Fur is always an excellent addition to your wardrobe because it can sublimely compliment any outfit: ragamuffin to fashionista!

Are you ready to take your winter wardrobe to the next level? Then be sure to browse the many fur beanie options and other exciting fur accessories available at Maximilian. Give them a call at 800-TLC-FURS so they can best assist you in preparing your winter wardrobe!

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