Why Hookah is Preferred Over Other Smoking Alternatives?

Why Hookah is Preferred Over Other Smoking Alternatives?

The hookah smoking trend has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. For this reason, more and more people are searching “shisha near me” and investing in these traditional smoking devices. There is always a debate on which smoking alternative is the best. But, one thing is for sure. Smoking hookah is far less harmful than smoking cigarettes or using other options to smoke tobacco.

Similarly, hookah is better than other smoking alternatives in multiple aspects. We have mentioned the top points to give you more clarity on the same. So, without any further delay, let’s check them out:

How Hookah is Better Than Other Smoking Alternatives?

Hookah Is Widely Available

The main thing affecting a product’s popularity is how easily you can buy it. The same is true in the case of hookahs. They are easily available in almost every country and city in the world. Consequently, hookah smokers easily get their own smoking devices with all the required accessories from shisha shops near them.

Other than offline hookah stores, various online shisha shops offer all the products and accessories related to hookah. Thus, you don’t even need to make the effort of visiting the market to buy hookah. Instead, you can order it online and receive your smoking apparatus directly on your doorstep.

Hookah is Very Relaxing

Different people smoke hookah for different reasons. Some like the sound of bubbles when a puff is taken, while some love to make smoke clouds. But the main reason why people smoke hookah is to relax and chill out. Hookah is perfect for reenergizing yourself after a busy day or week of work.

The act of smoking hookah is pretty much simplified. You forget about every work and just focus on the perfect hookah puffs one after the other. Moreover, you can get hookah tobacco in your favorite flavor which further relaxes you. Although there are other smoking alternatives available, hookah smoking is the most satisfying and relaxing.

Hookah Connects With Other People

Traditionally, in many Asian countries, hookah served the purpose of connecting people and facilitating long discussions with friends and neighbors. People used to discuss various things with each other while smoking and passing hookah to each other.

Nowadays, societal dynamics have changed. But hookah sessions are still effective to make good connections with like-minded people. For this reason, hookah is still widely used in various countries by people of all ages. For example, shisha in Dubai is more than just a smoking alternative, it is a part of the culture.

Hookah always sparks curiosity in people and leads to long and meaningful discussions. So, you can also strengthen your bond with your friends and colleagues over a hookah session. Other smoking alternatives don’t offer such benefits. That’s why shisha is preferred by people more than other smoking items.

Hookah is Considered A Status Symbol

Hookah is more than just a smoking device, it is more of a status symbol. If you take a look at hookah’s history, it was only smoked by privileged people who had a good position in society. On the other hand, poor or nomadic people used to rely on other smoking alternatives such as opium, cannabis, etc.

Hookah was only found at the intellectual’s and leaders’ houses, where meaningful ideas and social issues were discussed. However, today hookah serves a different purpose. Rather than creating a divide amongst people, it brings them close and helps create a good relationship with each other.

There are still some people that keep hookah in their houses to keep the tradition alive. For this reason, hookah smoking is always highly practiced in the UAE, even if the shisha price in Dubai becomes high. People using a smoking device as a status symbol is not a common thing. That is what makes hookah better than other smoking alternatives.

Hookah Smoke Creates A Trippy Environment

A large number of hookah smokers are attracted to it due to its smoke-producing capabilities. No other alternative can match the amount of smoke that is generated during a hookah session. You can create clouds of smoke, especially if you are smoking in a room or any other indoor place.

Hookah smoke creates a unique atmosphere in a place and can completely change the vibe of a particular space. For this reason, most people love hookah more than any other smoking alternative. Cigarettes are also widely available but a lot of people have irritation with their smoke.

Hookah smoke, on the other hand, can be aromatic and pleasant, depending on the type and flavor of shisha used in it. Additionally, cigarettes generate less smoke which is negligible compared to a hookah. That’s why people have a fun time with their friends and often compete to see who can make different shapes with hookah smoke.

Hookah Can Help Quit Addictions

People who are cigarette addicts can get hugely benefited by shifting to hookah. It satisfies your urge of smoking and reduces the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. Eventually, you can completely quit cigarettes and get rid of your harmful addiction.

However, there is a lot of debate on hookah’s effect on human health. Now, like any other thing, if you smoke hookah more than a limit it affects your health. But, if you do it within a limit, it’s fine. The tobacco used in hookahs has nicotine in lower amounts, so there are fewer chances of getting addicted.

Moreover, the strength of tobacco is also lowered in shisha. So, you don’t necessarily need to give heavy hits of tobacco to your body when you can do fine with light and less harmful puffs of hookah. This way, hookah stands out as a smoking alternative that helps you get rid of an addiction, rather than being an addiction.


The above are the key reasons why people prefer hookah over other smoking alternatives. It is easily available, helps create good relationships, is highly relaxing, and has various other benefits. However, to ensure a good shisha smoking experience, you need to invest in quality hookahs and accessories. With the help of a simple online search, you can find a reputable hookah store near you and shop for the required items from there.


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