Why Is It So Important to Choose a Black Cardstock Paper That Is Acid-Free?

You’ve probably heard the term or seen it before, used as a selling point. Plenty of papers – both generic office paper and highly specialized crafting paper – are called acid-free. Some of you may know that the typical telltale sign of non-acid-free paper is yellowing. So, if your craft is going to use something like black cardstock paper, why should you care if it is acid-free?

Acid-Free Black Cardstock Paper: It’s Not All About Color
To understand the problems associated with paper that is not acid-free, we need to take a few steps back. While acid-bearing paper does yellow, it isn’t just the color change that is a concern.

Many types of paper are made from wood pulp. Wood pulp contains a highly complex organic polymer known as lignin, which forms the chief fibrous structure of wood. Unfortunately, as a natural and organic material, lignin is not very stable in the long term. It will break down on its own over time, and its deterioration will be hastened by factors such as exposure to ultraviolet light and heat.

As lignin breaks down, it causes the paper that contains it to become acidic. One of the first things you’ll notice in lignin-bearing paper that’s aging is that it starts to yellow. It loses its color. But if you’re using black cardstock paper that shouldn’t be a concern, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Yellowing is only one sign that acidic paper is starting to break down. Another sign is fading. Worse yet, an acidic paper that ages will become very fragile and brittle. This is one of the reasons it’s so difficult to handle old, acidic paper, like books and newspapers.

If you’re planning on making a craft with black cardstock paper, acid-free is better. The paper will last much longer and will have better protection against fading and becoming more brittle.

Of course, there is also an environmental reason that acid-free black cardstock paper is better. The manufacturing processes that produce acid-free paper are not as implicated in releasing pollutants into the environment.

What Remains: Other Factors Ensuring Quality in Black Cardstock Paper
Black cardstock paper that is acid-free will last longer and remain more brightly pigmented than counterparts that contain acid, but if you’re looking for some of the highest quality black cardstock paper available, consider a black cardstock such as the Sirio Ultra black cardstock paper available at Cardstock Warehouse to illustrate the top-tier quality.

Not only is it acid-free, it also:

– Is entirely lignin-free (and pH neutral)

– Fade-resistant; one of the best on the market

– Made without carbon black to prevent oxidation

– Is solid-core (So when you fold or cut it, no white will show through in the center)

– Is easy to score and fold

– Is suitable for all different types of printing (and embossing)

– And is perfect for a wide range of crafts

– It’s even recyclable and biodegradable

If you’re interested in learning more about how acid-free paper is simply better, or you’d just like to purchase high-quality black cardstock for your next craft project, visit Cardstock-Warehouse.com or contact their customer service team at 610-882-2071.

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